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Tally's "A Little More Than Late" Anime Los Angeles 2013 Review

Anime Los Angeles, a convention usually set for the first weekend of the new year, was held January 4th to 6th at the LAX Marriot. Chaz Boston Baden, founder of ALA, and his staff worked very hard and made sure every attendee enjoyed the three day convention. Special guests this year included Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine as well as Parle Productions' Jen and Kelly, YouTube stars from England. Voice actor Patrick Seitz returned to the convention this year, having been a Guest of Honor back in 2010. His known roles are Ludwig/Germany from Axis Powers: Hetalia and Simon Brezhnev from Durarara!!

Various panels were held, mostly fan panels. Parle Productions has a total of six panels. These panels ranged from General Q&A, Improv 101, In-Character Q&A, and Cosplay Make-up Tutorial. The Hetalia fandom made a comeback this year, with a total of three panels: Ask-A-Nation, World Summit and 18+. Generally speaking, Ask-A-Nation and World Summit range from a G-rating to PG-13. 18+ panels do not happen often, but if and/or when it does, the fandom and questions turn at least to an R rating. Provocative attire is often worn by panelists, usually those who cosplay Francis Bonnefoy/France. Some even go in a drunk-like manner, with their suit shirt unbottoned, tie around their head, etc. In other words, some panels can get a bit crazy, but that doesn't stop each fandom from having fun. Footage of each panel is found on YouTube, under specific tags or titles.

My apologies for the bad sound. Kazzandra Rodriguez's camera does not have a volume control on it.

In convention terms, gatherings are a way to make new friends, have pictures taken of large groups from the same series, and have fun. Many gatherings occurred this year, all from different series. The biggest gathering this year would have to be Homestuck. With over 200+ people attending, all various characters in either the same outfit or even different outfits. Making a comeback this year was Mobile Suit Gundam gathering, specifically Gundam Wing. In fact, there was a rather large group, the five main pilots, as well as three of the females in the series. More so, two pilots from the unofficial sequel, Operation: Frozen Teardrop.

Gundam Wing pilots (from left to right: Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, Duo, Heero). (Photo credit: Jm Mj)
Eyeshine preformed two days: Saturday at 10:00am and Sunday at 12:00pm. Lead vocalist, rhythm guitar, and song writer, Johnny Yong Bosch; and fellow band members, Maurice Salmin, back vocalist, drums, and piano; Crystal Mesina, bass guitarist; and Mastaka Yazaki on lead guitar and back vocals create the band. The band was first started in 2004 with JYB and Maurice. However, the band didn't get popular until 2006 with edge rock as their genre backdrop, a blend of pop, punk, and post-grunge. Many fans of JYB attend the Eyeshine's concerts, which usually taken place in Los Angeles. Normally, the band plays at Live Jazz Bar and Grill in Little Tokyo on Second Street and Central on the first Wednesday of every month. At 10:00 am on Saturday, the band's followers showed up to listen to the band. Very few attendees sat in the back and/or in chairs. The rest huddled around, myself included, waited by the stage to enjoy the sounds of the band. Near the end of the concert, Johnny even asked, but more like requested, some of the attendees come up on stage with them. Needless to say, the concert was a hit. More convention goers now know about Eyeshine, and the band is getting more fans than it already has. I could not attend the second concert as I had a panel to attend and be in.

Overall, the convention was very well done, with Chaz and the convention staff working together to make sure all convention attendees enjoyed themselves. It was safe and well organized. There was good entertainment, well organized and dedicated staff and gatherings. “Con Suite” fed most of the con goers, which helped as nobody passed out from hunger or dehydration. The pool was nearby, with staff checking badges this year as a new addition to the con. With this said, I really enjoyed the convention. If I had to rate this convention, I would give it a 5 out of 5.

Kazzandra Rodriguez (17) with Patrick Seitz. (Photo credit: Ada Nichols)
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