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Tally Reports: Pacific Media Expo (PMX) 2013

Pacific Media Expo
November 8-10, 2013
LAX Hilton
Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Media Expo, or PMX for short, is the last major convention for the year. This statement could be said for the attendees who do not attend Long Beach Comic Con on November 23-24. This is the fouth time that the California Conventions Blog has attended PMX as press and the first under the new SoCal Division. As a convention correspondent, it was an honor to cover this con.

Now, let’s get to the main reason: the review.

PMX is known to be a mellow con, or a party con, if you are one of those cosplayers looking for a good time, and room with the right people. The overall attitude of the convention was lax and calm. There were no issues that I noticed while working. In fact, the con went rather smoothly this year. The staff was helpful and informative, not to mention, very respectful to the con attendees and hotel guests (the non-con goers). For me, this was a relief compared to what I experienced at my last convention.

This year’s special guests included Michael Sinterniklaas and the J-rock group, BACK-ON. Mr. Sinterniklaas is a voice actor. He’s worked in a few main stream series, such as Hetalia: Axis Powers (Netherlands), Sengoku Basara: Samura Kings’ (Sarutobi Sasuke),  as well as roles in Naruto Shippuuden (Sora and Utakata/Six Tails Jinchuriki) and Bleach (Nnoitra Gilga, Luppi Antenor, Menis, and Wonderweiss Mergera [ep. 278+]). 

BACK-ON, the Japanese rock group, formed in 2002 in Adachi, Tokyo, Japan. The group, at the  moment, consists of Kenji03 (Lead Vocals, Emcee, and Rhythm Guitar), Teeda (Emcee and Rap Vocals), Gori (Bass) and Shu (Lead Guitar). They’ve had two former members Macchin (2002-2006) and Icchan (2006-2011), both were the band’s drummers. The band played a few noticeable songs, ones anime fans would remember. Such songs would include the Air Gear opening theme “Chain”, Eyeshield 21’s “Blaze Line”, and Gundam Build Fighter’s “ニブンノイチ -One Half-“. They played a few of their other well known songs. However, those songs I did not know, but I thoroughly enjoyed their music and charisma. I will say this though.
Due to the level of press I was, I technically should not have been able to get into the concert, as I did not have a ticket, and nobody told me I needed a ticket. However, one of the staffers allowed two other press members and me in. I am grateful to that staff member. I would not have gotten these pictures if I had not been allowed in.

I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. I have yet to purchase a decent camera, so these were taken off my friend’s cell phone camera. Next time around, I promise better quality pictures. Another note: the Tumblr link is to my friend's page. She graciously allowed me to use her phone to take pictures. 

There were many popular series cosplayed. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Welcome to Night Vale, Homestuck and Danganronpa are a few. There was a lack of Hetalia cosplayers this year. However, from what I’ve heard, the fandom has been dying out, so to speak. All the fans have been switching over to other fandoms. The Homestuck fandom is still staying strong, despite the current hiatus.

Due to the shootings at LAX Airport, the host hotel had PMX issue out an email. The email stated that for security reasons, any prop weapons were to be left in the hotel rooms if you were heading out of the hotel. No half-naked cosplays were allowed in certain areas of the hotel, as well. All persons who violated this were asked to cover up until they reached a green zone. No masks were allowed, as well. At first, these new rules signed red flags. I firmly believe that the props make the cosplay. However, I understood the hotel’s reasoning. But, I’m not blaming PMX. The new rule change was not their fault. These were put in place to protect the attendees and guests.
Though, if I may make a suggestion. A change of locations may be best for next year. 

Overall, if I had to rate this con, I’d give it a four out of five. The location is nice (with plenty of photo shoot areas), nearby food areas (all in walking distance and not over-priced), and the staff was informative and respectful.

Would I attend this con again? Yes. Yes, I would. In fact, I recommend it. 

Until next time.

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