Thursday, February 21, 2008

Building a AX Blog...

While I was down in LA (Yeah, I went to Disneyland among other things), my uncle told me that one of my cousins who lives down here was interested in going to an anime convention in the area. I asked him if it was AX, and he said yes.

At that point, I had a serious consideration of coming down to AX. One of my major problems, however, is my finances after FanimeCon (and thus, me posting this on the FanimeCon Blog). The good thing is that it's not too much to fly to LA (more like Ontario) and back, and I would be staying with family instead of a hotel, which makes the finance situation better and would improve the odds of me going. The tax rebate check could also make things easier, especially if I put that check towards AX.

I won't really know until after Fanime, but I really want to go back to AX - it would be 6 years since my first visit to an anime convention, AX '02 down in Long Beach (which was a good locale for the attendance size in '02 compared to '07, but I can't speak on that because I didn't go).

I've reserved the blog URL for my AX Blog, and I've added some items so that the layout mirrors that of the two other blogs. If I go, the blog stays; if I don't go, the blog goes bye-bye.

Meanwhile...*waits for Fanime*