Friday, February 26, 2010

Twitter Poll Update

I was hoping that I would get more people to vote on the poll, but since only one person voted (and that was early on when I first made the poll), I'm going to remove the poll and announce that I will be rolling out a California Conventions Blog Twitter account in time for Fanime (and by "in time for Fanime" I mean "right now").

I will be still providing blog updates and convention tweets on my main Twitter account, but if you just want that and not everything else that I post about my life then follow the CA Conventions Blog Twitter account.

So, about that AX 2010...

As you all may know, there's a lot of talk going into this year's AX - new CEO, a struggle between the AX staffers and the SJPA, staffers handing in their resignation letters, a lack of Guests of Honor going into March, worries that there might not be a AX 2010, and so much more.

I could write a huge piece about everything going on, but a lot of what we're hearing is just speculation. Thus, I'm withdrawing from any "editorial-type" pieces on AX until I have more information. But I will say this: given what I've seen which are confirmed facts like only having one hotel available and waiting on the other hotel blocks to open up (in comparison, Fanime had all the hotels available from the beginning), AX better get their act together - there's a con in less than 4 months.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sac-Con March 2010 Update

As of late, I've been getting Sundays off from work. Sac-Con is next Sunday on March 7th. Assuming I'm off, I will be there.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

SoCal Host Club Official Webpage

So I've mentioned before that I'm managing the SoCal Host Club with Ryan, but did I mentioned a made a website?

That's right, the SoCal Host Club Official Webpage. This is were you will find all the updates related to the Host Club, profiles, convention dates, and much more. There's also a recruiting page if you're interested.

At this point, we're really just drumming up interest and attempting to recruit more members.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News and Bad News on ChibiCon

OK, the bad news. Due to one of our members dropping out of the club and the rest of the members' schedule not freeing up for ChibiCon in March, we have to cancel ChibiCon. Our deepest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us there, but at the moment we do not have enough members to perform at our optimal level.

However, I am now part of the SoCal Host Club as manager and we are looking at more conventions for 2010. We are having our FanimeCon panel on Sunday at 10am (tentative) and we are looking to attend both Anime Vegas in September and SNAFU Con up in Reno in October in addition to ALA 7 in January 2011. This should give us enough time to regroup, rearm, and come out stronger than ever.

If you are interested in seeing what we are all about or if you want to join us, please either come by the Fanime panel or contact me or Ryan.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poll: California Conventions Blog & Twitter feed

As always, I always roll something major out at FanimeCon. Last year, it was the live tweeting and the Twitter Prize Giveaway. However, both of them ran on my personal Twitter account which contains all my other tweets.

As 2010 starts to get serious for the blog, I was thinking of rolling out a separate Twitter feed just for the California Conventions Blog in time for FanimeCon 2010. It would contain all the updates as well as live tweets from conventions.

So I leave it up to you (the readers and fans of the blog) via a poll: Should the California Conventions Blog get its own Twitter feed?

Introducing A New Staff Member

If you haven't seen yet, there's one more entry to the Staff bios. I would like to introduce Ryan Silva, the newest (and first) staff member of the California Conventions Blog as a photographer and videographer. I first met Ryan back at FanimeCon 2009 when me and him hooked up to do the Ouran gathering - which we are co-hosting again this year - as well as taking a few shots of him at the Saturday Gundam gathering. Recently we reunited at ALA and hung out the whole entire weekend; thus the majority of the pictures, videos, and articles have him listed.

If you are looking to be part of my blog, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail, AOL instant messenger, personal message at the or FanimeCon forums, or in person at a convention.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

FanimeCon 2010 Budgeting Update

It's the second day of February, meaning there's less than four months away to FanimeCon. While I haven't put all my focus on FanimeCon since I have ChibiCon to worry about, I have updated my budget.

While I originally thought of just buying breakfast, drinks, and snacks for the hotel room, I am considering adding in lunch as well; I'm still allocating a line item for dinner, although if anything my projection is on the high side. I also found out that there's two FoodMaxx supermarkets in San Jose, all within a reasonable drive without getting lost. With their reputation for having low prices, I can save a considerable amount when buying food there.
I also slashed spending cash, but the reason for that I will tell another time...