Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New photo-shoot

A link to the full photo-shoot can be found here. Special thanks IamTetsuo for taking these wonderful picutres! I hope to see him for more photo-shoots in the future!

FanimeCon 2007 Report Part 2

Sunday came out the same way as Saturday - a trip to Starbucks over at the Hilton. Yes, I was willing to shell out a bit more at the Hilton Starbucks than at any other Starbucks, but hey it's Starbucks. And Starbucks has the best coffee cake in my book. In fact, I bought coffee cake in both my visits.

Around 12 I went to the Bleach gathering. There I talked to BSaphire more, and she asked me to do a few things for her, which I did. I also attended The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya gathering, and I had a blast watching all the Kyons getting the anime.

Finally, I've reached the 2PM photo-shoot. I pay the man my $20, and we walk around the area a bit. If you've seen the photos, you can gain a sense of where I walked with him. The funny thing was that I was taking him places that he wasn't familiar of - like across the street. I ended up back in the Marriott where I grabbed a bite to eat before going up to the Charity Auction. I was able to obtain a few items, although I did let that hand-forged FanimeCon katana signed by all the guests slip out of my hands - if I could afford $200+. Then I went to the 4PM 2nd Ouran gathering, and took a few pictures with the group, and went up to the hotel to head out to the Cosplay Masquerade. The cool thing about this year's Masquerade was it was at the CPA (Center for Performing Arts) and both the con and the CPA were across the street from the Crowne Plaza.

My bro Shiro comes along with me and stands in line with me. What's funny though was that I took all that effort to jaywalk across Almaden Blvd to find out there was a line. We get in about 6, but Shiro tells me he has to bail before his mom picks him back up in the hotel. I stay the whole entire time until right after the opera lady performed (I was the one who started both standing appaluses because he was freakin' awesome), then bail out to find something to eat. After eating at Original Joes, I went back to the con and went to Yaoi Let's Make A Deal. By then, all my cash was gone and I wasn't willing to pay a 1.50+ surcharge, but this couple was kind enough to buy two tickets for me, although none of us won.

Later that night, I finally sat in the viewing room for anime for at least one episode for the first time at the con. Ironically, it was Ouran High School Host Club. After that, and doing a few other things, it was time to sleep one last time before heading home. Back at the hotel, I found out me and Demitri had switched rooms, so it was all good.

Monday. After packing up, I went back to the Dealers Room to find last-minute items to buy with a check card. Luckly, I got the Black Lagoon box set for cheap, and that was the last time I bought. I was cursing at myself when the dealers told me "30 dollar purchase" and I was like "F that!"

Our car took off early, while the rest went back to the Dealers Room like what I did earlier in the morning. We arrived in Sacramento around 12:3oish, 4 days and 1 hour after I had left from the same exact location to Fanime.

That's my FanimeCon 2007 report. It was an honor in attenting Fanime, meeting all the wonderful staff, meeting new friends, and giving me an experience that I do not want to forget.

As for FanimeCon 2008, I plan to staff there. But everything else is still up in the air. Come back to me early in 2008 and I might give you a couple of answers.

(Note: I am missing a ton of details that I have not come back to me, so when they come to me I will add them in the appropiate spot.)

FanimeCon 2007 Report Part 1

Here we go...the full FanimeCon 2007 Report, broken into two parts. Part 1 is now, Part 2 will be sometime today.

It all starts out when I arrived in San Jose about 1:30ish. That took us enough time to actually walk to the convention center, get all our badges, and walk around before checking in. When we got to the covention center, it was already 2 and I was able to catch the first Ouran High School Host Club gathering. But I wasn't in my Ouran uniform. I said hi to Imari-chan and told her that I would be in the Sunday gathering. We got our badges, and we were told to meet back at the hotel by 3. So I went into the Dealers Room to check in and see if my FanimeCon katana was in. It was, and I told them to hold it until Monday. Anyways, after we got situated, I decided to change into my cosplay, and went back to the con in my cosplay uniform. I actually do remember someone asking me to pose so that they could take their picture.

We attended Opening Ceremonies, and I was impressed with the line-up of guests that were on hand. One of them was Hiroyuki Yamaga, the president of Gainax (you know...the company that created such hits as Evangelion and FLCL). Anyways, we were the first ones in and we got the chance to sit 2nd row - the only people that were in front of us were the guests themselves. I was sitting near and behind the freakin' president of Gainax. After Opening Ceremonies were over, I was able to shake the hand of Hiroyuki Yamaga and told him how much of an Eva fan I was (and Evangelion is #1 in my Top 10 anime). So far, that was the best, and probably will be, the best moment from Fanime 2007.

Later that night, I found myself scouting the area to find something to eat, just because Friday is the time when not everyone is there and not everyone is cosplaying 24/7. Eventually I found myself at Johnny Rockets and a nice dinner. I went back to the con to go participate in the FanimeCon Texas Hold'em Tournament. I got busted out by someone who I had going into the turn and catching a 3rd 8 on the turn, giving them trip 8s over my pair queens. I then went back up to the hotel room to change out. After that, it was off to the rave and the 18+ rooms. By then, BSaphire wanted me to help her out and keep the rave in check, so I helped out and was checking for badges. I also went into the Yuri and Hentai rooms that night, and I must say I had a wonderful experience with that. I got up into the room about 2 and crashed for the night.

Saturday. The morning started out with me, Ryann, and Michelle looking for a Denny's. Since there wasn't one, we ate at Starbucks. Then I had to head back and wait for my bro Shiro who was arriving that morning. I told him to get there early so that he can go through reg and go check-in for the karaoke contest. (I already checked in yesterday, but I still had the CD since DAYS wasn't on the karaoke list). But the reg line for Saturday was long as hell, and well...Shiro didn't make it in time to check-in for the karaoke contest. The people in the room felt bad for him, because's the reg line. I was able to get the CD before the cut-off time. 1PM swings along, and I'm 4th up in the contest. I go out there, get loose, and just have a good time. After that, it was off to go get something to the Fanmaid Cafe with Shiro. We talked and had a good time. After getting an early meal in from McDonalds, I met up with a person I met up at the forums that was going to do a short photo-shoot. I didn't take too long, and I thanked him. I haven't seen the results yet, but I'm looking foward to.

Fast foward to 6PM. After waiting to see the results of the Prelims, I found myself out of contention; Ryann too as well. I was waiting for her so that I could tell her that we were going to the B&W Ball together. I did go, but only for the first hour. The best memory from that was that someone early on grabbed on my tie (like what Haruhi would do to Kyon...a lot), yanked me to the middle of the dance floor, and danced with me (which we did). Unforunately, I did leave early because...well space ran out quickly. It was a common issue with both the B&W Ball and the Rave that it was in a small space. I went back to my room to save before heading back down here for the night. I found myself at the Texas Hold'em Tournament, but I was there longer. I managed to salvage a 4th place finish, but I still think about that final hand when I went all-in with pocket 3s, only to get called with someone who held pocket jacks. Oh well, at least I got Ryann a Gaia Online tee because she said she didn't want to buy anything from the Gaia Online booth in the Dealers Room. I also went to the rave and more 18+ rooms. I found myself crashing early because tomorrow would be a big day for me.

Guess what I found!

**bleep**ing Google Earth lied to me.

I keep forgetting to post thist story.

Saturday morning, me, Michelle and Ryann (I think that was the two that went with me) go out to find a place to eat in the morning. Google Earth told me that there is a Denny's on the corner of S 1st Street and E San Salavador St.

Actually, there isn't. It took me asking someone at the Ramada Inn to figure out that the nearest Denny's is in driving distance, not walking distance. So we ended up going back to San Carlos St and headed to Starbucks inside the Hilton.

**bleeping** Google Earth lied to me.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More pictures

More highlights of the Masquerade

Fuck yeah, let's all go to Candy Mountain!

Another epic win.

Final Fantasy group therapy...yeah, that'll work...

And finally, bringing some SoCal flavor to the Yay Area...

Monday, May 28, 2007

First pictures up.

These are the photos from the photo-shoot that I did Sunday. I am very pleased with the results. I hope to make more of these in future conventions, specially at Fanime 2008. I haven't committed to it yet though. I'm going to let the rest of the year ride out, and I'll see where I end up this time next year, or near it.

Also, Ouran gathering pic...

Epic win.

Because we all need to go to the Gay other highlights of the 2007 FanimeCon Cosplay Masquerade

Before we get started, I was really loud that night, especially towards the MC, so you might hear me a lot in those videos...

...I wanna go.

Now, time to go find them pictures.

Here is the Best in Show...and I agree.

*calls up to buy a few*

One more for now since I loved this one...

The depression begins.

I just realized that Fanime 2007 is officially over with the end of Closing Ceremonies that just ended 10 minutes ago. I'm estimating that, though, because the fact I was back home in Sacramento and that I was going off the schedule.

My god, I haven't had rice in 4 days. How could I go to an anime convention and not eat rice? Oh well, I got my rice fix today when I went to my grandma's house to go visit with family and eat food that I haven't seen in 4 days. Adobo is good.

I would just go down and start posting my con report, but I wanted to say something: we are in our own culture. There are two examples of this, both happening on Sunday. The first example happened in the afternoon, when me, BSaphire, and a bunch of other people spotted a old man posting religious material. We didn't want him on the con site, so we tired to get him out of there, making sure that these kids aren't exposed to that kind of material. But, in the end we couldn't do anything, since I didn't hear from him after he disappeared into the hotel. Plus the convention site is tecnhically public property, so he's protected by 1st Amendment rights. I forgot who told me, but those people see us as someone who has fallen to the Devil's hand, all because we like to cosplay. You know what I mean. The second incident happened later that night, after I had ditched the Cosplay Contest to get some food on a Sunday night. I was crossing the street when a couple of college kids started to say things to me (and I was thinking they were from SJSU, since it's right down the street from the convention center). Either they were laughing at me or they were saying something about my costume. Odds are, they were laughing at me. I kept my composure, just waved, and nothing else happened. But still, these two elements show that we are in our own culture.

I'll be starting my con report in a day or so.

The journey is finally complete.

I'm back home in Sacramento now.

I already feel depressed.

I really had a great time at Fanime, and I wish the hotels made an exemption in the check-out rule. But we do all have lives outside of the anime community, and yes I do have work tomorrow (night though), so eventually I do have to go back home.

I wish I could stay for closing ceremonies and all that.


This is probably it...

I'm back in the hotel room earlier than expected. I feel tired after the Cosplay Contest. Despite the fact I've been hearing that this one was "weaker" than the ones in year's past, but I thought it was really good.

The photo-shoot was very good, and I have about 100+ pictures to go through, flip accordingly, and post tomorrow after I get situated at home. Thank god I have to close on Tuesday; that way, I can pass out and do everything Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

I did go to Yaoi Let's Make A Deal, and despite the fact this couple bought two tickets for me, no such luck. I also sat in the Ouran marathon room, and I find it funny that me sitting in the Ouran marathon room marked the first anime viewing room I've sat in for at least one episode, and no that doesn't count the H rooms.

This is probably it for me at Fanime; I might go back to the Dealer's Room for a bit for Monday, but odds are I will not be in uniform. Every picture that was taken will somehow get on the net.

I am out...seriously.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday afternoon

I did my photo-shoot, attended the Ouran gathering, made a few more purchases via Charity Action, and now I am resting and I will heading out soon to the Cosplay Contest.

See you all in a few hours...

End of Saturday night...

I'm tired. That's all I have to say for now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Out of the running...

At 6PM, the fate of my Prelim round was decided - I wasn't going to the Finals. But hey, I'm all good - it's my first Fanime, and now I know what to do next year - if I do it next year.

The B&W ball was alright, but I kind of skipped to go to my "save point" (aka the hotel room) to recover before going back to the Hold'em tables, the rave, and the 18+ rooms. However, I need to make sure that my Ouran uniform is spiffy enough for my first "official" paid-off photo-shoot courtesy of and the second Ouran gathering (in which I will confont Tamaki over control of the Host Club). I already had another photo-shoot happen today, and I'm waiting to ge the link so that I can send them and save them.

Time to go save...

Middle of Saturday

It's about 3:50PM, and I'm back in the hotel room. I'm currently resting up and re-arming. I also put down what I bought - the Haruhi box set (before ANYONE CAN BUY IT!!! BOO-YEAH!!!), the FanimeCon sword, a Bleach (legit) wallscroll, and a airsoft USP. The dealer that sold me the sword didn't have wall mounts, so I might buy one online when I get back.

Karaoke Contest. I thought I did good, but Ryann said that I "wasn't Top 10 material." Oh well, it was my first time anyways, and I had a kick out of performing, even if I don't make the Top 10. But if I do, you can see me perform "White Reflection" at 9.

Either than that, R&R and then back to the con.

Check that.

Wi-Fi is working now. So yes, I'm posting in my room now.

Today's plan: compete in the karaoke contest, walk around, get more pictures taken, and everything else is whatever comes to mind.

Now, if you will excuse, Ryann shall check her Gaia account...

It's not even the first day...

...and I'm already feel burnt out. Then again, I did a favor for BSahpire and helped out with the rave last night. I'd do anything for BSaphire because she's part of my family from Sac-Anime, and it's a connection I don't want to lose.

I was in the Hold'em Tournament last night. I was doing pretty good until I had to make a stand with Queens going all in. I forgot who called me, but he only had pocket 8s. But a freakin' 8 on the turn gives him a set, and I'm out. Oh well, that's what we call a "bad beat." Always happen in poker, and it happened to me last night.

Since the Wi-Fi isn't somehow going through, I'm back down in the business center. I should be asleep, but I needed to use the bathroom in the lobby. I'm waiting on Shiro to tell me that he left so that I can wait for him when he comes around 11.

Other highlights: Well, I actually had someone approach me and take a picture of me. I also went to the 18+ stuff, and we were all just having a ball, even if it did involve Yuri and Hentai.

Either than that, a great first day to Fanime. And San Jose is pretty nice and a lot colder than I expected...which is good for me.

I'm going back up to my room now...

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm finally here.

It's about 3PM, and I've been here for about an hour and a half. I gotta say, I'm very impressed so far. I'm loving Fanime, and I've been here for about an hour and a half.

Unforunately, there have been some issues with the hotel, so I'm in the business center doing this instead of my laptop. I hope to be on soon, lay down for a bit, then suit up for cosplay.

I am out...

Good Morning Fanime!

It's 8am, and I'm freakin' excited that I'm going to Fanime today!

Wait...I'm stuck in Sacramento? *sigh* At least I'll be there today.

I'm eating a ham & cheese hot pocket and drinking some OJ, and odds are it'll be the only thing I get in until I get to San Jose. All my luggage is now in the living room and waiting to be loaded. I shall be at CRC at 11, and be gone before noon time.

*waits...and waits...and waits...*

First Vids from Fanime

Console Wars presents the Git-Ur-Badge Song

This is the pre-reg line Thursday...**bleep**. If the lines are this long Thursday, god knows what they'll be on Friday...

It's go time.

The countdown timer on the Fanime website is zero...

It's time to go to Fanime 2007.

Let's get this **bleep** started.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Night Before...

I'm finally home after a day of work. I told my co-worker "I'll see you on Tuesday!" Yes, Tuesday. I'm distanting myself from everything else for this con...except for when I check the sports score via ESPN MVP (because Memorial Day weekend is a major sports weekend - Indy 500 & the Cola-Cola 600, NBA Playoffs, just to name a few) on my cellphone.

While I wait for my chicken bake to cook, I am fully packed. All I have to do is pack all my bathroom-related stuff, go pick up my paycheck, go deposit it, make a withdrawl, and meet everyone at CRC. I thought I wouldn't get my paycheck in time for Fanime, but it looks like I will now.

As I also speak, my bro Shiro is sending me all his karaoke songs so that I can burn them to a CD for the contest. I am also going to finalize everything and check the Forums once again.

24 hours from now, I will be at the tables for the Texas Hold'em Tournament. I hope to see you all there.

15 more hours...15 more **bleep**ing hours...

Man, I'm hungry.

Nice Shave...

I just got out the bathroom, looking all clean shaven. I love looking clean shaven at cons, and usually I shave a few days before I head out. Unforunately, I just found out that some people are already there, and in fact have already posted cosplay photos...on Thursday. Euroboat King from the Forums already has pictures up of Imari-Chan (who I know very well from Sac-Anime, and I hope she notices me when I come to the Ouran gathering Sunday. Actually, she was the one who really introduced me to Ouran High School Host Club, and after seeing her cosplay I followed suit and got me one for myself). I'm still stuck in Sacramento, and I have to work. But hey, it's only Thursday. But I wish it was already Friday.

When I get home from work, I will finalize my budget, get the forcast for Fanime on my iPod, and make sure that I have everything packed. Then it's up back to the Forums for last-minute posting before heading off to sleep to wake up early.

If anyone wants to comfort me, you can find me at Quiznos in Greenhaven. I work from 4:30 to close (we close at 9, so please don't come to Quiznos at 8:55 and expect me and my co-worker to make 3 large Prime Rib Cheesesteaks). Just don't try to ask for a discount because you read by blog...

A Karaoke Practicing Story

I had shared this with the people over at the Forums about this, and I'll post it here.

Around 2:45 in the morning Wednesday, my dad wakes me and tells me to get ready. I thought he wanted me to do something really quick around the house. He actually wanted me to drive him somewhere to go pick up a motorcycle. I won't go into further detail to keep whatever confidential, but someone was arrested. That's all I'll say for now. So I get to where the motorcycle is at. There's a cop waiting for my dad to claim it and take it back to the house.

So while I wait for my dad to get suited up, I somehow get the urge to practice my Prelim song, "DAYS." So I pop in the Eureka seveN Complete Best CD (with 5 bonus tracks) and I start singing to "DAYS" while I'm waiting to go back home and go back to sleep.

Too bad I didn't have more time; the place where my dad told me go to was near my college. It usually takes 15-20 mins to get there. I think I had practice run, and at 3 in the morning I thought I did pretty good. I also wished I had the CD that I burned, which contains both songs. Then maybe I could of sang "White Reflection" while going down Riverside.

Eve of...

It's Thursday morning, and somehow I can't get on the Fanime Forums. My internet is working, so it must be their servers. Anyways, yes I have started packing a little bit, and I'm waiting on my whites that are being freshened up. Check that, they're done. I'm gonna go pull them out and get my whites together, and continue to pack.

Please, let me on the Forums soon...

Check that, I'm on the Forums now.

First Post

So this is my first blog for Fanime 2007. I hope to make a commitment in actually blogging of what I'm doing throughout Fanime. Of course, it's only Thursday. I know that things kick off a little bit with the ZZ Concert and some pre-con badge pickup. Actually, I still have to close at Quiznos, so I threw Thursday out of the question. But Friday is when everything takes off. Unfortunately, I'm leaving at 12 noon instead of 9 in the morning, which is alright by me. As long as I get there, I'm perfectly fine. I'm planning on entering the FanimeCon Texas Hold'em Tournament that night, seeing how I love the game of Hold'em. I will be wearing my Ouran High School uniform to the tourney...but not to the con itself. I plan to scope things out wearing a NERV shirt. Hey, at least I'm showing my love for Eva.

I am also preparing for the Karaoke Contest. I'm singing "DAYS" from Eureka seveN as my Prelim Song, and if I make Finals I'm singing "White Relflection" from the Gundam Wing movie Endless Waltz. (Fun fact: Endless Waltz came out in 1997. It's been 10 years since that movie aired in Japan [as the OVA, as the special edition movie came out in 1998 to act as a lead-in to Gundam's 20th B-day] and about 7 years since I was first exposed to that movie.) I know two people that are going up against me. One is my friend Tom, but I really call him "Shiro." We met online a few years back, and I met him in person for the first time at Sac-Anime. I'm going 4th in the contest, and he's going...5th. He thinks he can beat me, being all arrogant and whatnot, but we'll see when we get to Saturday. There's also Ryann, the person who got me into this whole Fanime trip. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been blogging this in the first place. I thank her for that. I have both my songs down, and now I just need to burn the tracks onto a CD tomorrow night and keep on praticing! But not now...

One more day until I leave. And I still got to pack. I'm going to sleep now...