Monday, May 28, 2007

The depression begins.

I just realized that Fanime 2007 is officially over with the end of Closing Ceremonies that just ended 10 minutes ago. I'm estimating that, though, because the fact I was back home in Sacramento and that I was going off the schedule.

My god, I haven't had rice in 4 days. How could I go to an anime convention and not eat rice? Oh well, I got my rice fix today when I went to my grandma's house to go visit with family and eat food that I haven't seen in 4 days. Adobo is good.

I would just go down and start posting my con report, but I wanted to say something: we are in our own culture. There are two examples of this, both happening on Sunday. The first example happened in the afternoon, when me, BSaphire, and a bunch of other people spotted a old man posting religious material. We didn't want him on the con site, so we tired to get him out of there, making sure that these kids aren't exposed to that kind of material. But, in the end we couldn't do anything, since I didn't hear from him after he disappeared into the hotel. Plus the convention site is tecnhically public property, so he's protected by 1st Amendment rights. I forgot who told me, but those people see us as someone who has fallen to the Devil's hand, all because we like to cosplay. You know what I mean. The second incident happened later that night, after I had ditched the Cosplay Contest to get some food on a Sunday night. I was crossing the street when a couple of college kids started to say things to me (and I was thinking they were from SJSU, since it's right down the street from the convention center). Either they were laughing at me or they were saying something about my costume. Odds are, they were laughing at me. I kept my composure, just waved, and nothing else happened. But still, these two elements show that we are in our own culture.

I'll be starting my con report in a day or so.

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