Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Karaoke Practicing Story

I had shared this with the people over at the Forums about this, and I'll post it here.

Around 2:45 in the morning Wednesday, my dad wakes me and tells me to get ready. I thought he wanted me to do something really quick around the house. He actually wanted me to drive him somewhere to go pick up a motorcycle. I won't go into further detail to keep whatever confidential, but someone was arrested. That's all I'll say for now. So I get to where the motorcycle is at. There's a cop waiting for my dad to claim it and take it back to the house.

So while I wait for my dad to get suited up, I somehow get the urge to practice my Prelim song, "DAYS." So I pop in the Eureka seveN Complete Best CD (with 5 bonus tracks) and I start singing to "DAYS" while I'm waiting to go back home and go back to sleep.

Too bad I didn't have more time; the place where my dad told me go to was near my college. It usually takes 15-20 mins to get there. I think I had practice run, and at 3 in the morning I thought I did pretty good. I also wished I had the CD that I burned, which contains both songs. Then maybe I could of sang "White Reflection" while going down Riverside.

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