Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Post

So this is my first blog for Fanime 2007. I hope to make a commitment in actually blogging of what I'm doing throughout Fanime. Of course, it's only Thursday. I know that things kick off a little bit with the ZZ Concert and some pre-con badge pickup. Actually, I still have to close at Quiznos, so I threw Thursday out of the question. But Friday is when everything takes off. Unfortunately, I'm leaving at 12 noon instead of 9 in the morning, which is alright by me. As long as I get there, I'm perfectly fine. I'm planning on entering the FanimeCon Texas Hold'em Tournament that night, seeing how I love the game of Hold'em. I will be wearing my Ouran High School uniform to the tourney...but not to the con itself. I plan to scope things out wearing a NERV shirt. Hey, at least I'm showing my love for Eva.

I am also preparing for the Karaoke Contest. I'm singing "DAYS" from Eureka seveN as my Prelim Song, and if I make Finals I'm singing "White Relflection" from the Gundam Wing movie Endless Waltz. (Fun fact: Endless Waltz came out in 1997. It's been 10 years since that movie aired in Japan [as the OVA, as the special edition movie came out in 1998 to act as a lead-in to Gundam's 20th B-day] and about 7 years since I was first exposed to that movie.) I know two people that are going up against me. One is my friend Tom, but I really call him "Shiro." We met online a few years back, and I met him in person for the first time at Sac-Anime. I'm going 4th in the contest, and he's going...5th. He thinks he can beat me, being all arrogant and whatnot, but we'll see when we get to Saturday. There's also Ryann, the person who got me into this whole Fanime trip. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have been blogging this in the first place. I thank her for that. I have both my songs down, and now I just need to burn the tracks onto a CD tomorrow night and keep on praticing! But not now...

One more day until I leave. And I still got to pack. I'm going to sleep now...

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