Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FanimeCon 2007 Report Part 2

Sunday came out the same way as Saturday - a trip to Starbucks over at the Hilton. Yes, I was willing to shell out a bit more at the Hilton Starbucks than at any other Starbucks, but hey it's Starbucks. And Starbucks has the best coffee cake in my book. In fact, I bought coffee cake in both my visits.

Around 12 I went to the Bleach gathering. There I talked to BSaphire more, and she asked me to do a few things for her, which I did. I also attended The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya gathering, and I had a blast watching all the Kyons getting the anime.

Finally, I've reached the 2PM photo-shoot. I pay the man my $20, and we walk around the area a bit. If you've seen the photos, you can gain a sense of where I walked with him. The funny thing was that I was taking him places that he wasn't familiar of - like across the street. I ended up back in the Marriott where I grabbed a bite to eat before going up to the Charity Auction. I was able to obtain a few items, although I did let that hand-forged FanimeCon katana signed by all the guests slip out of my hands - if I could afford $200+. Then I went to the 4PM 2nd Ouran gathering, and took a few pictures with the group, and went up to the hotel to head out to the Cosplay Masquerade. The cool thing about this year's Masquerade was it was at the CPA (Center for Performing Arts) and both the con and the CPA were across the street from the Crowne Plaza.

My bro Shiro comes along with me and stands in line with me. What's funny though was that I took all that effort to jaywalk across Almaden Blvd to find out there was a line. We get in about 6, but Shiro tells me he has to bail before his mom picks him back up in the hotel. I stay the whole entire time until right after the opera lady performed (I was the one who started both standing appaluses because he was freakin' awesome), then bail out to find something to eat. After eating at Original Joes, I went back to the con and went to Yaoi Let's Make A Deal. By then, all my cash was gone and I wasn't willing to pay a 1.50+ surcharge, but this couple was kind enough to buy two tickets for me, although none of us won.

Later that night, I finally sat in the viewing room for anime for at least one episode for the first time at the con. Ironically, it was Ouran High School Host Club. After that, and doing a few other things, it was time to sleep one last time before heading home. Back at the hotel, I found out me and Demitri had switched rooms, so it was all good.

Monday. After packing up, I went back to the Dealers Room to find last-minute items to buy with a check card. Luckly, I got the Black Lagoon box set for cheap, and that was the last time I bought. I was cursing at myself when the dealers told me "30 dollar purchase" and I was like "F that!"

Our car took off early, while the rest went back to the Dealers Room like what I did earlier in the morning. We arrived in Sacramento around 12:3oish, 4 days and 1 hour after I had left from the same exact location to Fanime.

That's my FanimeCon 2007 report. It was an honor in attenting Fanime, meeting all the wonderful staff, meeting new friends, and giving me an experience that I do not want to forget.

As for FanimeCon 2008, I plan to staff there. But everything else is still up in the air. Come back to me early in 2008 and I might give you a couple of answers.

(Note: I am missing a ton of details that I have not come back to me, so when they come to me I will add them in the appropiate spot.)

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