Saturday, May 26, 2007

Out of the running...

At 6PM, the fate of my Prelim round was decided - I wasn't going to the Finals. But hey, I'm all good - it's my first Fanime, and now I know what to do next year - if I do it next year.

The B&W ball was alright, but I kind of skipped to go to my "save point" (aka the hotel room) to recover before going back to the Hold'em tables, the rave, and the 18+ rooms. However, I need to make sure that my Ouran uniform is spiffy enough for my first "official" paid-off photo-shoot courtesy of and the second Ouran gathering (in which I will confont Tamaki over control of the Host Club). I already had another photo-shoot happen today, and I'm waiting to ge the link so that I can send them and save them.

Time to go save...

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