Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yaoi-Con in the Near Future?

This weekend is Yaoi-Con over at the Marriott San Mateo-San Francisco Airport in San Mateo. Now, the thing about Yaoi-Con is that it's a 18+ con for a number of reasons - all outlined in the California Penal Code 313-313.5. tl;dr: Yaoi-Con = sex = Penal Code (or something like that). Yaoi-Con is on my list of cons I want to go to because I hear it's a well-run con with lots of things to do. Hell, Jonas is down there running the game room. I do hope that when money the situation gets better I can afford to go to more cons. But for now, I have to pick and choose.

One day I will attend Yaoi-Con.

FanimeCon 2010 Reg Up!

If you haven't seen the new redesign for the FanimeCon 2010 website, check it out - it looks pretty damn nice.
Also, registration is up for those who want in very very early - $45 until 11/6. Shit, I might do it this weekend.
Hotel information's not up yet though, so keep an eye out (probably around early early 2010, and my early early I mean January 1st).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fanime Plans Already?

With FanimeCon only seven months and seven days away (assuming its May 28-31st), my plans for 2010 are starting to come out. My big thing for 2010 is staying an extra day on Thursday to visit Day Zero - something I've wanted to do since '07. However, that'll put a big increase in my planned budget and I'll need to cut back or aquire more funds.

There is one thing that I am thinking of doing, and that'll involve breakfast. Sure, I'll need actual food for lunch and dinner, but I think I can get by on coffee cake and cinnamon rolls along with some OJ. That'll put my before-con food budget up in addition to snacks and drinks, but it'll help in bringing down my at-con food budget which would help me if I decide to stay four days compared to three.

My question is why am I planning for Fanime already when ALA is about three months away and I don't have much planned there? I'm still waiting on people that might stay with me before I commit and start buying everything that I need.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Con Visiting Wish List

With the amount of resources that I have, I can only go to a certain amount of cons each year.
However, there are a few that I've always wanted to visit.
Here is a small list of cons that I want go to:
  • Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)
  • San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego, CA)
  • Otakon (Baltimore, MD)
  • Anime Central (Chicago, IL)
  • Sakura-Con (Seattle, WA)
  • A-Kon (Dallas, TX)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
  • Anime Boston (Boston, MA)
  • New York Anime Festival & Comic-Con (New York City, NY)
Of course, there are two outside of North America that would be my ultimate dream - Comiket and the Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair.

I hope that one day this blog can expand outside of California, but if I did that I would need a new blog.

UPDATE 11/2: Added more cons

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moonlight Symphony

As of today, Imari's cosplay webpage is back up after transferring over from GeoCities, which is closing down later this month. When you have the chance, check it out.
You can also find the "Related Links" section of the blog.

Sac-Anime Winter 2010 & ALA 2010 Updates

First off, it was recently announced that Sac-Anime Winter 2010 (back at the Radisson) is expanding to include Friday, meaning the con is running January 8-10.

Meanwhile, things are looking better for my attendance to ALA. I "accidentally" booked a room a month ago, but through my connections in the convention circuit I have found people who are willing to be my roommates at ALA, which will help costs. I'm not a definite lock to go to ALA, but from the planning stages it looks like I will go.