Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fanime Plans Already?

With FanimeCon only seven months and seven days away (assuming its May 28-31st), my plans for 2010 are starting to come out. My big thing for 2010 is staying an extra day on Thursday to visit Day Zero - something I've wanted to do since '07. However, that'll put a big increase in my planned budget and I'll need to cut back or aquire more funds.

There is one thing that I am thinking of doing, and that'll involve breakfast. Sure, I'll need actual food for lunch and dinner, but I think I can get by on coffee cake and cinnamon rolls along with some OJ. That'll put my before-con food budget up in addition to snacks and drinks, but it'll help in bringing down my at-con food budget which would help me if I decide to stay four days compared to three.

My question is why am I planning for Fanime already when ALA is about three months away and I don't have much planned there? I'm still waiting on people that might stay with me before I commit and start buying everything that I need.


  1. its good to plan things out prior to fanime.

  2. Dude?! You're going to be at ALA?! We gotta grab some chicken strips at the sports bar! XD


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