Sunday, September 30, 2007

OHSSS Bio, Updated

My character is the Director of the Ouran High School Secret Service, or OHSSS for short. At the Ouran Private Academy, concerns over security was a high priority especially with the fact that many of the students that were attending are future heirs to various families. So when events like Columbine and VT occur, Yoshio Ootori (the head of the Ootori Private Police Force) and Yuzuru Suou (the superintendent of OHS) get together and look over the emergency plans. After seeing how long it would take the Ootori Private Police Force to respond, about 10 minutes, they came to the conclusion that the response time was inacceptable despite the fact 10 minutes is the best the police force can do - in that short amount of time, the gunman can inflict major damage to people and/or property before the authorties arrive and have a chance to respond. They decided to form a 40-man Secret Service dedicated to protecting the students at Ouran High School, and they would be the first to respond in a critical situation such as a gunman on campus. They took the model of the US Secret Service, but took it one step futher and decided that the special agents would wear the standard uniform in order to blend in and not stand-out instead of the black suits of the US Secret Service.

That's where I come in. I was the first person hired and I was named Director of the newly-created OHSSS. My duty is to oversee the operations of the OHSSS and to make sure that the students, faculty, and administration of this school are protected by the OHSSS and the Ootori Pirvate Police Force.

The two, however, had a very special request: in addition of being Director, I would also watch over their two sons - Tamaki and Kyoya - while they were attending. That meant the majority of time I would be inside the Third Music Room basically protecting them - and the Host Club.

The standard sidearm of the OHSSS is the H&K USP [40. S&W]. The OHSSS is also trained in using the H&K MP5SD5/SD6 [9 x 19 mm Luger], FN P90 [5.7 x 28 mm], M4A1 Carbine [5.56 x 45 mm NATO], H&K G36 [5.56 x 45 mm NATO], Benelli M4 Super 90 [12 gauge], Franchi SPAS-15 [12 gauge], and the H&K PSG-1 [7.62 x 51 mm NATO]. These weapons are stored in the basement of OHS & at the command post of the OHSSS and are used in tactical situations. (A special note: the Director carries around two H&K USP pistols, while everyone else carries one.)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I need another banner

Looks like I'll be waiting for the new website to open so that I can get a new banner...since the banner I was using was on the old site.



So, I'm on the Sac Anime and Comics Forum, and I come across this thread that has links to past photo albums, which date back to - 2004! And I thought the first one was in 2005...

Still, I've been there for all the Sac-Anime Conventions since 2005 back at the Sunrise Mall - Summer 2005, Winter 2006, Summer 2006, Winter 2007, & Summer 2007.

Just a small thought.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, I'm deciding what else to cosplay at Sac-Anime in January (and also Sac-Con in December to try it out) to compliment my Ouran High School Host Club cosplay. The thing is, whatever I cosplay there I will cosplay at FanimeCon '08. The question that I have for me when it comes to FanimeCon is should I stick with the two I'll have then or go for three? That way, I have something to wear everyday - sans Friday, since I'll be arriving and I really don't like to cosplay when everyone's not there.

I really shouldn't be asking this question just yet - not until Sac-Anime January '08 passes. But, it's never too early to have it in the back of your head.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Winter Cosplay

I know for sure I'm going to have two cosplay costumes, one being my Ouran High School uniform and probably my Director of the OHSSS character.

The other I'm still still debating on. It's a coin flip between Fullmetal Alchemist and Eureka seveN, both involving military uniform and original characters. This way, I can still have my weapons with me as well, including carrying around an assault rifle. But I know someone will tell me that a M4 didn't exist in the era of FMA, and that maybe a AK-47, a SKS (which someone told me when I first had this idea), or some old-school bolt-action rifle like a Kar98k.

Actually, I just remembered that before any of this, I had submitted a commission request to LimeBarb about a red version of the State Military uniform, since red is my favorite color. I have the last e-mail saved in my Hotmail accont for just in case I want to bring it back up with LimbBarb. As I look at the last e-mail saved, it said $227 for the jacket, which is a lot more than what I paid for my Ouran uniform. (Remember, I can't sow for shit and I don't have the time committment for it outside of work, school, and Student Government.) I might bring it back up again, but I might just go with the standard blue.

Yes, Sac-Con and Sac-Anime are still about 2 months away, but it's never too early to plan out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Con Photos

Since I went to work, I am not featured in the Cosplay Contest. However, there were two photos courtesy of our good friends over at

Yes, that is a SOS-dan armband. Yes, I did just mix Ouran High School Host Club and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Notice I'm not in my Director of the Ouran Secret Service form; I'm in the form of ordinary student that I took up at Fanime - plus the SOS-dan armband.

I'll probably do it again for the December, but I will break out the Director cosplay again at the January show.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sac-Con, Sept '07 Report

If there was one way to describe Sac-Con in September, I'll put it like this: IT WAS FREAKIN' HOT. This has to be one of the hottest Sac-Cons on record, 102 according to KCRA 3. And man, did it feel like 102, especially when I left for work around 4. Luckily, I had to work, so I really didn't have to deal with the peak of the heat during the cosplay contest.

Either than that, it was a good way to see people again after Sac-Anime (especially BSaphire and the crew) and just hang out with them. The turnout for Sac-Cons are generally lower than Sac-Animes, but you also have to factor in Labor Day weekend and the last weekend of the State Fair.

I did score the Ah! My Goddess plushie set (Belldandy, Skuld, and Urd) for a bargain, and that's really about it besides a Winry keychain to go alongside my car keys (LOL) and a couple of minor items. I probably spent half of what I brought with me today.

Not everyone showed up today, but I think everyone will show up for the December show, which for me will be a tune-up for Sac-Anime in 2008 if I decide to get a new costume.

Overall, it was alright.