Saturday, July 31, 2010

Themes of Anime Vegas 2010: Elvis Presley vs. JXL - A Little Less Conversation (Remix Radio Edit)

So what's a con that takes place in Vegas without some good ol' Elvis Presley?

But why stop there and show the music video when I know there's an AMV of the same song that features Ouran High School Host Club?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Themes of Anime Vegas 2010: Jay-Z - On to the Next One

It's that time again - con themes!

This first (of three) focus on moving on from being "freelance" to having press credentials. Again, I hope this is a stepping stone for pressing at other conventions, like FanimeCon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming a Long Way, Part 2

In some previous post I posted the progression of my Ouran uniform from 2007 to 2010 (not counting AX, which I will update in a new post when I get that picture).

Well I can see the same progression in Scarlet Rhapsody's reports, mostly importantly the headers.

I will probably revisit this progression via Scarlet Rhapsody after Anime Vegas.

Anime Vegas 2010 Details

I got lucky when I didn't give the Alexis Park Hotel my credit card information to put the one day + tax for deposit because a couple of days later Erica calls me to tell me not to book over at the hotel since there have been a few negative reviews that suggest that this is more of a motel-type place than a Vegas Strip hotel.

From Trip Advisor:

"If the basic necessities of a hotel room cannot be met everything else just doesnt matter. The bed sheets were full of hair obviously from the last occupants of the room. At 3 in the morning I didnt want to hasle complaining. Then in the morning the shower was another horror. There was absolutely no water pressure. A garden hose would have been much better then the dribble of water coming out of this thing. And the water would drain very very slowly, which ment I was deep in water half way through my shower. I complained while checking out but the desk person could have cared less. I would never stay there again and unless you bring a garden hose and your own bed and sheets I wouldnt recommend this place."

"I stayed at the Alexis Park for three nights for a professional conference. I was told by the reservations people that the "resort" was undergoing renovations, but unfortunately, Building 16 had not been renovated yet. The decor was really outdated and was not as clean as I would have expected (some mold in the shower). The room was very spacious, though. There was some noise - loud upstairs "neighbors" and luggage rolling down the tiled walkways and bouncing down the stairs.

I did not feel very comfortable (safe) at the Alexis Park simply because it is a motel (rooms opening to the exterior of the building) and is off the strip. Had my husband not been with me, I would not have stayed here.

The Alexis Park is about one mile off the strip, but it seemed like much farther away. It's only about a $10 taxi ride to the strip. The Hard Rock Hotel is across the street.

The staff was very accomodating while we were there. We had a maintenance issue that was quickly resolved, and we were able to check out the night before our early departure."

"Traveled for business and did not pay for my room. Older property and it shows. Room was dirty - the bathroom was filthy with mold and mildew in the jacuzzi bathtub spouts. Lame shower. Filthy floor with missing grout. I made the mistake of laying on top of the comforter and was rewarded with itchy bumps on my skin for this mistake. The ceiling of the wing that I stayed in (Bldg 26) was broken. The bed was mediocre. The pluses were it was a suite and the room was quiet. The restaurant had very average food. The catered food at the conference was a hair better. This is a gross hotel and I will never stay there again. If there is an event there, I will stay elsewhere and commute."

The majority of the reviews are in the lower tier, although there are some naysayers who will tell you otherwise.

Since none of us wanted to risk staying at a place like this, we're putting down a bit more to stay at Harrah's on the Strip, which is a 10-15 minute drive over to the Alexis Park Hotel. This also works well for me since we'll actually be on the Strip and this is better for my plans of casino hopping.

Despite the reviews of the rooms, we're expecting the facilities for the convention to be a different story - we hope.

I was planning on taking the train again to LA, but decided to fly in order to get to Vegas faster, basically ~$30 more to be in LA 6 hours earlier. I have to fly out of Las Vegas back to Sacramento on Monday since I have classes the next day, which is going to be more than what I want to pay.

Cosplay plans and themes to come within the coming weeks!

Friday, July 16, 2010

AX 2010 review (Rukazu)

Whew! So yeah now i'm back from AX and let me tell you, it was quite an experience! With all the rumors about what was happening to the con and the staff and the CEO, I'm actually quite pleased that they were able to pull off a decent con.

Day Zero:
I had class from 4-6pm and right afterward I had to make a stop to buy some white hairspray at a mall. By the time I got to LACC, it was already a little past 7:00, and I was not getting my badge then. So instead what I did was take my friend John and my sister and her friends back and prepared for the next day.

Day 1:
Day one was mainly just getting a feel of the con, scouting out the vendors and exhibit hall booths, and so on and so forth. I mainly just took a lot of pictures and hung out with Matt and Ryan part of the time. I also helped them with their autograph signings for and Asakawa. Today seemed the most tedious day considering so many people seem to kept asking me for help and I had to keep taking more and more of my own time to help them out. My sister and her friends wanted to use my car as a storage place for their stuff when they went to a dance, but couldn't give me proper directions as to where to meet them. Finally, I helped my buddy John move his stuff to his hotel and met up with my friends Poland and Belarus as Austria. We talked for a little bit before I met up with John again for the AMV contest. This was by far one of my favorite AMV contests I've seen in a while.

Day 2:
This day was somewhat more eventful in the sense that it was also my first time cosplaying as Hitsugaya from Bleach. I spent about two hours looking browsing the con, and trying to find any other Bleach cosplayers. I also attended the Bleach panel where I asked Ichigo's Japanese Seiyuu why he never calls me 'Captain Hitsugaya.' In fact, I had to say that about 30 times that day. Right after the panel was the gathering itself, almost half of the cosplayers were captains. The other eventful part of the day was meeting up with Ryan and Matt for the Yui Horie panel. However, that turned out to be the lowest point of the con as we waited an hour for the panel, watch the first episode of Toradora and not ask any questions for the panel. We dashed upstairs for the signing, only to find out that their wasn't any. That was perhaps the worst thing that we felt AX screwed up this year as they didn't seem to follow their policy that all guests of honor panels had priority tickets, but that didn't seem to be true.

Day 3:
This day was make or break for me. After that whole stint with the Horie panel yesterday, today was the day that was going to determine whether or not I would go to AX next year. The morning consisted of going over to the Baka to Test gathering which was by far the funniest of all the gatherings I've been to, although it was the smallest as well. After that, I met up with a Zero and my buddy Katsu, dressed as Knight of Zero and walked around the exhibit hall and con center to talk to any other Code Geass cosplayers about the gathering. Considering that we had a turnout of about 70 people, even though half the people did not show up that was signed up on the forums, it went pretty well. I was considering doing CLAMP as well, but I ended up being way too tired and did a small photoshoot with Empress C.C. And artbook Knight of Zero Suzaku. Right after that I swapped for Austria for the Hetalia gathering, and somehow ended running that one as well just like I did with Fanime. This time however, I nearly yelled myself hoarse because I did not have a megaphone. After that I ran to the Konishi panel, then ran to meet up with my friends, got some much needed food and got tickets for the Masquerade which was better overall this year than last year.

Day 4
The last day was more relaxed as I pulled my Japan outfit for a photoshoot with the Belarus and Poland. We also had some fun passing out cake and wishing all the America cosplayers happy birthday as it was July 4th. We left the con a little after 4:30 and got back in time for dinner and to watch the fireworks. Luckily the next day for me was a holiday and I just rested a bit and started to organize my pictures for AX.

So now that my overview is done, I wish to discuss some of the pros and cons of this year. This is my first con that I've been to twice and its definitely an improvement from last year. The masquerade last year had a few memorable skits, but the majority were not that good. Plus it was held in the west exhibit hall, and not the best place for a masquerade. This year, they held it in the Nokia theater, which was much better suited for the event, and they brought back the winners of the AMV contest, and man that was hilarious! I presume by now, you know which characters I like to cosplay, and if you were there for the winner of the comedy category, you'll know why.

Plus i did four panels, Yuu Asakawa, Yui Horie, Bleach and Katsuishi konishi. All of them, especially Konishi was really fun! The only one that got me down was the Horie panel considering that it was the only one where the fans couldn't really interact with her and ask her questions.

As for my cosplay experience, holy crap this year was crazy! I did a total of 6 costumes, I ended up doing Itachi, Naoi and Austria on day 1, hitsugaya on day 2, lelouch and austria on day 3, and japan for a photoshoot on day 4. Hitsugaya was pretty fun to do, considering that it was the first time people actually called me short, when I almost never do.

However, when compared to Fanime 2010, the staff seemed much more strict than in previous years, the overall business and corporate feeling seemed to ruin the con experience more than helped it, and their seemed more rude people overall than Fanime. When comparing one con to the other, putting in all factors, I feel that Fanime was better than Anime Expo. The staffers at Fanime were much more polite and courteous and they also were very helpful in contrast to Anime Expo, plus everyone seemed much more chill than the sort of more competitive nature of Expo.

Anyways, overall, it was a little more tedious than fanime, but still fun as hell!

Con Announcement: Anime Vegas

It's been awhile since I've been able to say this, but the California Conventions Blog is finally got its shot as press (again) at this year's Anime Vegas held at the Alexis Park Hotel on September 4-6th. This will be the first since Sac-Anime Summer 2008 and the first under the full staff of myself and Ryan - Lucas is pending at the moment.

I'm looking forward do working as press, providing coverage for this convention under the style that everyone has gotten to know over these past four years. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone for FanimeCon 2011, the 5th year anniversary of the California Conventions Blog, where I hope to be part of press as well. (ALA doesn't do press, and I have the Host Club to worry about at SNAFUCon so I won't worry about press there.)

So much to look forward to for an annual con right before I really go back into the grind house that is college over at Sac State...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flag Retired

It's official: the Philippine flag that has been featured at FanimeCon 2010 and Anime Expo 2010 has been retired, resting in the place where I found it before: the garage of my grandma's house.

In it's place though, I will be getting a new flag in time for Anime Vegas.

In Case You Missed It AX Edition: Autograph Madness

So, it was true. The section where the autographs were was a complete mess. Luckily, me and Ryan got what we wanted from Kawamoto and Akasawa before things got crazy on Saturday and Sunday.

In Case You Missed It AX Edition: Mario Bueno

In 2008, Mario Bueno was over at MangaNext in New Jersey singing this gem, which I found a bit later on YouTube.

Two years later, he won AX Idol (wearing the same damn Lelouche cosplay, and looking quite good in it).

Congrats to Mario Bueno, and I hope to meet you someday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 7.5 - Epilogue

It's been exactly a week since Anime Expo ended. I'm still recovering as I struggle to find a place for all this new stuff that I got.

For all the talk prior about the potential "failure" of this con, things went really well. Like I said before, I was expecting something like Fanime but that quickly went away when I stood in line for badges on Day Zero. Then again, it's the biggest con in North America and that's why I'm a bit irked about AX not coming through on what they said they were offering. The stakes may be lower at smaller cons, but here at AX the stakes are high - very high. And for a con of this size, you better make sure that you have all your t's dotted and your i's crossed because if you don't come through with what is advertised, expect a ton of angry customers.

I will give them some slack on ticketing since I'm thinking AX probably got screwed over last second with some of the guests of honor declining to hand out tickets because pressure from their representatives who have more leverage over AX staff (i.e. NIS America and Yui Horie). For next year AX, state that they "might" give out autograph priority tickets to give the hint that a guest of honor may or may not give out tickets. I do believe that all these bum rushes, overcrowding, and creating fire hazards could of been avoided with these tickets.

That's only the real complaint I have about AX. I'm not going to complain in detail about what had happened at the SoCal Host Club Main Event since a) we should of been specific in getting a workshop room and b) AX staffers gave us another session which we are thankful for.

I had a ton of fun over the weekend. Met new people, saw familiar faces in a new locale, and got to explore a part of Los Angeles that has eluded me ever since I was born.

The question now is: where will Anime Expo go from here? Like I mentioned, 2011 will be under a completely new staff including the new head of marketing. Chase Wang's work at AX is done, and now we need to see that the new head can bring the same quality as past years next year. Likewise, there needs to be a lot changes if this con is going to survive to live out the contract set by the convention and the city of Los Angeles - if you haven't heard, the mayor of Los Angeles was present on Thursday to announce that Anime Expo is staying at the LACC through 2013. Of course, rumors like charging extra for admission to the Exhibit Hall for 2011 or the low number of dealers who have pre-registered with "conditions" for 2011 don't help.

Despite all that, I'll still go the Anime Expo 2011, assuming there is one.

Well, this concludes my Anime Expo 2010 report. I hope to see you all in Sin City for Anime Vegas and/or FanimeCon 2011 and/or Anime Expo 2011!

私のレポートを 読むためにありがとう。
Thank you for reading my report.

-Anime Expo 2010 Report End-

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Bonus - Monday/Tuesday (Adventures in Little Tokyo)

Despite it being the day after the end of Anime Expo 2010, I'm still in Los Angeles. For this day, I went to go check out Little Tokyo to see what was to offer, after resting for the majority of the morning. We did pick up some Ramen back up in Fountain Valley before inviting Erica to hang out in Little Tokyo then dinner at Roscoe's.

For what the area was, it was pretty cool to see Anime Jungle in their proper place outside of the convention center. I scored a Miku figure for steal, something that you don't get at a anime convention. I also got a merchant to give me their Anime Expo 2010 posters that were hanging post-con. We tried asking some of the other merchants around, but they declined.

Then it's back to Roscoe's for a well-needed post-con meal, which has become a tradition in itself. After a good meal, we drop off Erica back home before going back to Ryan's place for the last time.

On Tuesday, it was time for me to go home. After one last breakfast at Spires, we drive to Union Station for me to depart back to Sacramento. I leave but not before one last hug from Ryan.

I leave LA around 10:45am and get back to Sacramento before 6:30pm. Despite being in a different city half a day ago, I still run errands to pick up a frame for the signed poster.

I was gone almost a full week, but was good to be back home in Sacramento.

-Adventures in Little Tokyo Report End-

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 6 - Sunday (Day Four)

I don't know how that night went, but a receipt from the Yard House and Famima!! sort of help me. I know for sure that I had a great time hanging out with people.

What I do remember is that I ended up over at IHOP at 5 in the morning eating a country fried steak and eggs meal talking to some tourists from Australia. Then I made the trek all the way back to the convention center before realizing that I have to use the bathroom. Since the con grounds were closed until 7am, I jump on the shuttle to the Westin to use the bathroom before jumping back on to head back to the con. By then the con was open and all I had to do was stay awake and don't pass out on the food court tables before Ryan and Avi get back to the con.

We were ready to share our gripes for the con at the SPJA Open Board meeting, but one of the elected members was able to answer questions without having us attend the meeting. Basically, he couldn't do anything about the con since the governance board and the operations board are separate. He was very nice to take our suggestions for next year.

Since Ryan forgot the camera since I had him take it home the night before, I have no shots from Day Four. For now, it's wandering the con grounds one last time, buying a AX t-shirt and doing a follow-up with the Funimation reps about this weekend's SoCal Host Club events.

I went back down to Petree Hall to check out the charity auction. I think I fell asleep but by the time it started it was like FanimeCon but with more at stake. Again, I start off the bidding but it gets too high for my tastes. But then comes along the set of Japanese DJ CDs that are out-of-print and rare plus a signed poster from all the DJs. For the final price of $120, it was a better steal than the $50 drum cover.

To round out Anime Expo, me and Ryan help out a dealer to break down, but it took me a while to get out and it was nearly 8pm when we got out. Canada and Avi were waiting for us, so we decide to find something to eat. We find this Italian place called Paoli's in Woodland Hills; we eat there and sing some karaoke with the finale featuring Journey where me, Ryan, Canada, and Avi sing to finish out Anime Expo 2010.

-Day Four & Anime Expo 2010 End-

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 5 - Saturday (Day Three)

We must of overslept, because we didn't get to the con until around 12pm, but we had enough time to spare before the Main Event. I swing by ESPN Zone again because I forgot Junpei's sword and my vuvuzela, but they didn't have it. We meet everyone like we planned, and then we quickly realize that AX staff didn't know what our Main Event really was, they thought it was a normal panel despite asking for a number of tables and chairs. We go back and fourth between AX staff and our staff and the attendees who were in line.

Eventually we have to make due and run with what we had.

That was until AX gave us another session, so props to the staffers for coming through for us. Yes, we were furious at the beginning, but by the time we got done with the 2nd session we felt relax and accomplished. I do think we had a lower turnout since were running at the last second against the Konishi panel. We learn some valuable lessons during those couple of hours, and we'll apply that to next year.

We did miss the Hetalia gathering, so the 2nd best thing is our photoshoot with Shibuya, the one who did our SoCal Host Club photoshoot. Again, props to that man for being a great photographer.

By then, I was planning to go over and wait for the Karaoke Gong Show, but a half-yard and a pint over at the Yard House later I was over at Last Comic Standing. Best fucking decision of the con, easily. I had front row seats for me and Ryan, and we had a great time.

It was time for me to split, since I was going to party the night away with some people that I knew while Ryan had to drive someone home. It was like ALA all over again...

-Day Three End- 

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 4 - Friday (Day Two)

With Ryan's godmother in the hospital, we get to the con a bit later than usual. We do stop over at Starbucks and Burger King for a modest breakfast, but of course I had to get this obligatory sip shot of Ryan as the MC from Persona 3.

We get there early enough so that we can meet up with the rest of the SoCal Host Club to do the AX 2010 photoshoot. As soon as those go up, I will post them here but our photographer did a great job in taking those shots.

With some time to spare before the informational panel, we once again find ourselves at ESPN Zone.

Remember how we only have 6 people at the FanimeCon panel? Well, take that number, multiply it by 30 and then add a whole lot more. We had a pack house for a INFO PANEL.

Everyone had a great time, and thanks for everyone who helped out at the panel.

With that over, I stick around the con a bit more before heading over the Yui Horie panel. It was a good panel, saw the 1st episode of Toradora! (which I saw like a year ago), some questions not taken from the audience, and then some thanks and "that's the end of the panel." At this point, we expected to get ticketing for autographs, but 30 seconds later we realize that they aren't so we hustle our asses up the stairs back to where we had the info panel to wait in line.

I have the Persona gathering to attend, so I cut out and head down there.

I come back to where Ryan was after the gathering, and he was still in the same spot. Some people did get autographs, but the majority were turned away due to Horie having to attend a industry meeting. Such bullshit, and this could of been avoided with ticketing.

By then, Canada went back to her house to change and to pick up her new phone since it broke, so we wait around exploring the con more and playing at the arcade. Here, Ryan gets his shot as Keitaro with Erica as Naru.

Props to Arcade Infinity for bringing in some MT3DX+ machines. Negative props to Mach5 for being a cheap asshole, there's a reason why I slammed you full speed on Osaka.

We end up at ESPN Zone AGAIN for the 3rd time before calling it a day once again. We got the main event tomorrow...

-Day Two End- 

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 3 - Thursday (Day One)

After starting off Day One over at Spires with breakfast burritos and mango smoothies, it's time to head down with Canada and Avi to Anime Expo.

We really don't have to do anything before the Kawamoto panel, so for the time being we wander the convention center halls taking more photos like the tourist I was.

And then I get to meet the great Danny Choo, and I get a photo with him.

Now it's time for the Kawamoto panel, the first GoH panel of the convention. It starts out with a 12-minute Bones promo video, then some Q&A, and finally the premiere of the Heroman dub.

Of course, I did my question in about the 2nd season of Ouran High School Host Club, and long story short we're going to need a lot of money to get that funded.

With that, we head over for the first time to the Exhibit Hall to explore some of the dealers before going to the Kawamoto autograph session. It went smooth, and both me and Ryan got our Cowboy Bebop box sets signed.

We wait around a bit more before going to Yuu Asakawa's panel, which went smooth as well. Again, we head over to the Exhibit Hall to get more autographs. But with this session, there's priority ticketing - and it would be the only GoH with priority ticketing that I attended. But time is running short: I have to be at Cosplay Poker by 4:30pm for seating. Luckily one of Ryan's friends wants to hang out and was willing to take my ticket, so I was able to pick a vuvuzela beforehand with the time to spare.

I go deep into the Final Table before running into a river flush to bust out in 5th place. I went in with K-K and he called with K-J, so technically I was correct in making that all-in.

With the con winding down and nothing else to do since this isn't FanimeCon, we decide to head over to the ESPN Zone to eat.

This is when the bullshitness of Anime Expo starts coming in: according to a posterboard promoting the Summer Festival, there were supposed to be discounts for the LA Live restaurants including ESPN Zone. According to our server, that "discount" is a box lunch, not a discount on the check. But we eat there anyways since I enjoy their food from previous visits. PROTIP: share the Ultimate Tailgate with four or more hungry cosplayers.

Before we leave for the evening, the Japanese DJs are playing a set outside and I catch a glimpse of what was to come at tomorrow's performance.

And with that, we go home to call it a day. We have a lot to go through in the next couple of days with the SoCal Host Club and more panels.

-Day One End-

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 2 - Wednesday (Day Zero)

We begin Anime Expo 2010 where FanimeCon 2010 ended - the Sacramento Valley Train Station.

This time, I'm heading down to a convention, not from a convention.

I was supposed to hook up with Ji Ji up in Stockton, but somehow she missed her train. She was able to get down to Los Angeles safely though, just a couple of hours late.

However, I did hook up with a couple of new people who were taking the first train down to Bakersfield and Los Angeles for Anime Expo. We had a great time discussing the convention and networked via Twitter and Facebook.

By 2:30pm the bus arrives at Union Station.

Ryan is just a couple of minutes out, and as soon as he got there we headed on over to the convention center to pick up our badges.

Like we mentioned before, we don't know how it happened...we stood in line and then - bam! We got our badges. It didn't seem like a long time in line.

Anyways, here's a picture of Zanney/Canada cosplaying as Kida from Durarara!!!.

We had to wait around for other people to get their stuff, so I got bored pretty quick, looked around, and took more pictures.

I also took photos of the signage before the convention center got busy.

After everything is done, it's time to call it a day. We swing back to Canada's house before going off to Pink's.

My god...some of the best hot dogs I ever had.

After that, we swing by Avi's place to pick up her stuff before finally reaching Ryan's place all the way down in Westminster. We chill for a bit before calling it a night and awaiting the start of Anime Expo...

-Day Zero End-

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 1 - Prologue

Who knew Anime Expo 2010 would creep up on me that quick after FanimeCon?

So much to do here: networking, getting business done with the SoCal Host Club, meeting the guests of honor, making sure we don't get screwed over by AX staff...

Everything was set, I was ready to head out to Los Angeles...

-Prologue End- 

Ryan's "Late" Review of FanimeCon 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Day One Reviews

Here are two reviews of Anime Expo 2010 Day One from both Ryan and Lucas.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to go to the Hardcore Synergy that they were throwing on Day 2 and I was really looking forward to it.

But one charity auction later, I came home with this.

Yes, those are the autographs of the Japanese DJs that showed up to Anime Expo 2010. Along with the poster came a bunch of out-of-print-rare-find CDs of the same DJs. In fact, the ones that put up the item for auction were glad to see that I had won it all. The final bid came out to be $120, which is more of steal than the $50 Momoi/LM.C./FLOW drum cover back at FanimeCon solely for the CDs. Yes, a AKB48 CD went for $550 and Rei Hiroe sketches went for $1,000+, but for what I got for $120 is god-tier.

The Rest of the Best Anime Expo 2010 Photos

And that's from my end, there are a ton of shots that feature Ryan and those I'll post tomorrow (or you can view them in the album).

Anime Expo 2010 Photos Going Up!

Now online!

Anime Expo Apologies

I would like to apologize for the lack of on-site con coverage on both the blog and my Twitter account. I have been having so much fun that I simply forgot to update everyone. Also, I don't have Day 4 photos for the fact that I forgot my camera on that day.

I'm stll in Los Angeles, and I go home tomorrow. I should have the report up within the week and all photos up before the weekend.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anime Expo Day One Recap, Bulleted Edition

  • Kawamoto signing my Bebop box set = AWESOME!!!
  • Cosplay Poker went better than expected, busted out on a bad beat
  • Ultimate Tailgate platter at ESPN Zone = best way to split it between four hungry cosplayers
  • There's actually a Heroman dub!
  • I will eventually fund the 2nd season of Ouran, I just need to send Kawamoto lots of money
Happy so far with the con on Day One, but it'll get better once we get to the panels...

Anime Expo 2010 Day One Picture of the Day - Danny Choo

So yeah, I got a picture with the world-famous Danny Choo. Enough said.

Cosplay Schedule for AX 2010

While I'm here at Spires on the corner of Brookhurst and Mc Farland, let me outline my cosplay schedule for the weekend.

Thursday: Philippines from Hetalia in the morning/afternoon, Junpei from P3 in the evening for cosplay poker.

Friday: Mori from Ouran up to the panel, Junpei from P3 after that.

Saturday: Mori from Ouran up to the main event, Philippines from Hetalia after that.

Sunday: Up in the air/I wear my AX t-shirt that I bought over the weekend.

CA Con Blog @ Anime Expo 2010 - Day Zero Vlog

Anime Expo 2010 Day Zero Picture of the Day - Pinks Hot Dogs

From left to right: Avi, Zanney, Ryan, Matthew, Mr. Pink, and two employees of Pinks Hot Dogs.

Best hot dogs I ever had, will come back every time I go back to Anime Expo.