Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 6 - Sunday (Day Four)

I don't know how that night went, but a receipt from the Yard House and Famima!! sort of help me. I know for sure that I had a great time hanging out with people.

What I do remember is that I ended up over at IHOP at 5 in the morning eating a country fried steak and eggs meal talking to some tourists from Australia. Then I made the trek all the way back to the convention center before realizing that I have to use the bathroom. Since the con grounds were closed until 7am, I jump on the shuttle to the Westin to use the bathroom before jumping back on to head back to the con. By then the con was open and all I had to do was stay awake and don't pass out on the food court tables before Ryan and Avi get back to the con.

We were ready to share our gripes for the con at the SPJA Open Board meeting, but one of the elected members was able to answer questions without having us attend the meeting. Basically, he couldn't do anything about the con since the governance board and the operations board are separate. He was very nice to take our suggestions for next year.

Since Ryan forgot the camera since I had him take it home the night before, I have no shots from Day Four. For now, it's wandering the con grounds one last time, buying a AX t-shirt and doing a follow-up with the Funimation reps about this weekend's SoCal Host Club events.

I went back down to Petree Hall to check out the charity auction. I think I fell asleep but by the time it started it was like FanimeCon but with more at stake. Again, I start off the bidding but it gets too high for my tastes. But then comes along the set of Japanese DJ CDs that are out-of-print and rare plus a signed poster from all the DJs. For the final price of $120, it was a better steal than the $50 drum cover.

To round out Anime Expo, me and Ryan help out a dealer to break down, but it took me a while to get out and it was nearly 8pm when we got out. Canada and Avi were waiting for us, so we decide to find something to eat. We find this Italian place called Paoli's in Woodland Hills; we eat there and sing some karaoke with the finale featuring Journey where me, Ryan, Canada, and Avi sing to finish out Anime Expo 2010.

-Day Four & Anime Expo 2010 End-

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