Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 5 - Saturday (Day Three)

We must of overslept, because we didn't get to the con until around 12pm, but we had enough time to spare before the Main Event. I swing by ESPN Zone again because I forgot Junpei's sword and my vuvuzela, but they didn't have it. We meet everyone like we planned, and then we quickly realize that AX staff didn't know what our Main Event really was, they thought it was a normal panel despite asking for a number of tables and chairs. We go back and fourth between AX staff and our staff and the attendees who were in line.

Eventually we have to make due and run with what we had.

That was until AX gave us another session, so props to the staffers for coming through for us. Yes, we were furious at the beginning, but by the time we got done with the 2nd session we felt relax and accomplished. I do think we had a lower turnout since were running at the last second against the Konishi panel. We learn some valuable lessons during those couple of hours, and we'll apply that to next year.

We did miss the Hetalia gathering, so the 2nd best thing is our photoshoot with Shibuya, the one who did our SoCal Host Club photoshoot. Again, props to that man for being a great photographer.

By then, I was planning to go over and wait for the Karaoke Gong Show, but a half-yard and a pint over at the Yard House later I was over at Last Comic Standing. Best fucking decision of the con, easily. I had front row seats for me and Ryan, and we had a great time.

It was time for me to split, since I was going to party the night away with some people that I knew while Ryan had to drive someone home. It was like ALA all over again...

-Day Three End- 

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