Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Part 4 - Friday (Day Two)

With Ryan's godmother in the hospital, we get to the con a bit later than usual. We do stop over at Starbucks and Burger King for a modest breakfast, but of course I had to get this obligatory sip shot of Ryan as the MC from Persona 3.

We get there early enough so that we can meet up with the rest of the SoCal Host Club to do the AX 2010 photoshoot. As soon as those go up, I will post them here but our photographer did a great job in taking those shots.

With some time to spare before the informational panel, we once again find ourselves at ESPN Zone.

Remember how we only have 6 people at the FanimeCon panel? Well, take that number, multiply it by 30 and then add a whole lot more. We had a pack house for a INFO PANEL.

Everyone had a great time, and thanks for everyone who helped out at the panel.

With that over, I stick around the con a bit more before heading over the Yui Horie panel. It was a good panel, saw the 1st episode of Toradora! (which I saw like a year ago), some questions not taken from the audience, and then some thanks and "that's the end of the panel." At this point, we expected to get ticketing for autographs, but 30 seconds later we realize that they aren't so we hustle our asses up the stairs back to where we had the info panel to wait in line.

I have the Persona gathering to attend, so I cut out and head down there.

I come back to where Ryan was after the gathering, and he was still in the same spot. Some people did get autographs, but the majority were turned away due to Horie having to attend a industry meeting. Such bullshit, and this could of been avoided with ticketing.

By then, Canada went back to her house to change and to pick up her new phone since it broke, so we wait around exploring the con more and playing at the arcade. Here, Ryan gets his shot as Keitaro with Erica as Naru.

Props to Arcade Infinity for bringing in some MT3DX+ machines. Negative props to Mach5 for being a cheap asshole, there's a reason why I slammed you full speed on Osaka.

We end up at ESPN Zone AGAIN for the 3rd time before calling it a day once again. We got the main event tomorrow...

-Day Two End- 

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