Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Anime Vegas 2010 Details

I got lucky when I didn't give the Alexis Park Hotel my credit card information to put the one day + tax for deposit because a couple of days later Erica calls me to tell me not to book over at the hotel since there have been a few negative reviews that suggest that this is more of a motel-type place than a Vegas Strip hotel.

From Trip Advisor:

"If the basic necessities of a hotel room cannot be met everything else just doesnt matter. The bed sheets were full of hair obviously from the last occupants of the room. At 3 in the morning I didnt want to hasle complaining. Then in the morning the shower was another horror. There was absolutely no water pressure. A garden hose would have been much better then the dribble of water coming out of this thing. And the water would drain very very slowly, which ment I was deep in water half way through my shower. I complained while checking out but the desk person could have cared less. I would never stay there again and unless you bring a garden hose and your own bed and sheets I wouldnt recommend this place."

"I stayed at the Alexis Park for three nights for a professional conference. I was told by the reservations people that the "resort" was undergoing renovations, but unfortunately, Building 16 had not been renovated yet. The decor was really outdated and was not as clean as I would have expected (some mold in the shower). The room was very spacious, though. There was some noise - loud upstairs "neighbors" and luggage rolling down the tiled walkways and bouncing down the stairs.

I did not feel very comfortable (safe) at the Alexis Park simply because it is a motel (rooms opening to the exterior of the building) and is off the strip. Had my husband not been with me, I would not have stayed here.

The Alexis Park is about one mile off the strip, but it seemed like much farther away. It's only about a $10 taxi ride to the strip. The Hard Rock Hotel is across the street.

The staff was very accomodating while we were there. We had a maintenance issue that was quickly resolved, and we were able to check out the night before our early departure."

"Traveled for business and did not pay for my room. Older property and it shows. Room was dirty - the bathroom was filthy with mold and mildew in the jacuzzi bathtub spouts. Lame shower. Filthy floor with missing grout. I made the mistake of laying on top of the comforter and was rewarded with itchy bumps on my skin for this mistake. The ceiling of the wing that I stayed in (Bldg 26) was broken. The bed was mediocre. The pluses were it was a suite and the room was quiet. The restaurant had very average food. The catered food at the conference was a hair better. This is a gross hotel and I will never stay there again. If there is an event there, I will stay elsewhere and commute."

The majority of the reviews are in the lower tier, although there are some naysayers who will tell you otherwise.

Since none of us wanted to risk staying at a place like this, we're putting down a bit more to stay at Harrah's on the Strip, which is a 10-15 minute drive over to the Alexis Park Hotel. This also works well for me since we'll actually be on the Strip and this is better for my plans of casino hopping.

Despite the reviews of the rooms, we're expecting the facilities for the convention to be a different story - we hope.

I was planning on taking the train again to LA, but decided to fly in order to get to Vegas faster, basically ~$30 more to be in LA 6 hours earlier. I have to fly out of Las Vegas back to Sacramento on Monday since I have classes the next day, which is going to be more than what I want to pay.

Cosplay plans and themes to come within the coming weeks!

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  1. Trust me, staying a hotel on the strip is well worth it. I wouldn't lay $$ on a hotel that won't guarantee me a decent stay.

    Harrah's has a casino. It mostly has the older crowd, but there's plenty more casinos along the strip. Not to mention, there is like a Walgreens at every corner.

    Persona 3, yes?

    - EriKagami


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