Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anime Expo 2010 Report: Bonus - Monday/Tuesday (Adventures in Little Tokyo)

Despite it being the day after the end of Anime Expo 2010, I'm still in Los Angeles. For this day, I went to go check out Little Tokyo to see what was to offer, after resting for the majority of the morning. We did pick up some Ramen back up in Fountain Valley before inviting Erica to hang out in Little Tokyo then dinner at Roscoe's.

For what the area was, it was pretty cool to see Anime Jungle in their proper place outside of the convention center. I scored a Miku figure for steal, something that you don't get at a anime convention. I also got a merchant to give me their Anime Expo 2010 posters that were hanging post-con. We tried asking some of the other merchants around, but they declined.

Then it's back to Roscoe's for a well-needed post-con meal, which has become a tradition in itself. After a good meal, we drop off Erica back home before going back to Ryan's place for the last time.

On Tuesday, it was time for me to go home. After one last breakfast at Spires, we drive to Union Station for me to depart back to Sacramento. I leave but not before one last hug from Ryan.

I leave LA around 10:45am and get back to Sacramento before 6:30pm. Despite being in a different city half a day ago, I still run errands to pick up a frame for the signed poster.

I was gone almost a full week, but was good to be back home in Sacramento.

-Adventures in Little Tokyo Report End-

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