Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pre-Tournament Meeting

This is one of the few moments of footage that I got from my short time there.
One was the pre-tournament meeting.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Prospecting a Sacramento MT Tournament?

As mention on my FanimeCon Blog, I went to a MT tournament in Sunnyvale today. I couldn't say long due to a medical emergency, but I did hint at the fact that I wanted to host a tournament in Sacramento.

Here's the problem.
There are only two places in the ENTIRE Sacramento area that have MT machines - CCL, but they have two, so that won't work. That only leaves me with Roseville GL, but there are a ton of problems pertaining to those machines - at least one for each machine, wether that's a broken shifter, no force feedback, or even a broken printer.

If I wanted to host a tournament, I would first need all the machines to be fixed. It would take a lot of persuasion on my part to get managment to fix them. I plan to write a formal letter to managment, stating that by fixing these machines and hosting a tournmanet at RVGL, we can showcase this Golfland and by bringing everyone up from the Bay Area and possibly Southern California, showcase the best under one roof.

Only when the machines are fixed that I can plan out the tournament. Since Virus is moving back up to Sacramento, I could use his help, but I would be the one running it. But that's for another time...

I really want to bring a tournament to Sacramento because there have been none. They're all in the Bay Area. I want to showcase Central Valley's finest at this game, and this would be place to do it.

UPDATE 2/28/09 - I gave staff the letter and asked them to forward it to management. I'm either waiting for a phone call or having them find me when I'm back up there for a response.

Disappointing (But Putting a Positive Spin) Thoughts

The time right now is 10:17pm.
And I'm at home, not at SVGL.
Around 8pm, my ride got a text saying that his girlfriend's mother passed out and was admitted to Mercy South Sac. We pondered for a bit before deciding the right thing to do - take care of the most important business.

I'm not really disappointed because shit does happen. I mean, if something happened to my family member and they needed me there, I would of been gone in a flash. Anyways, I took a lot when it came to today.
  1. I got my feet wet in the wonderful world of competitive MT. I've been waiting around to push to the next level, and this was just a small start. While I didn't get actual tournament experience, I did manage to get in some pre-tournament battles, which helped me get a feel to what to expect. I also got some footage of pre-tournament battles, which I'll put up sometime this weekend.
  2. With the two battles that me and my partner were in, I was hanging around with the S-class cars, and for me that's a moral victory. If I know that I can hang with the big boys, all I need to work on is pushing through and then holding them off.
  3. I didn't have to bug Virus about renewing my card when the machines were free and all the cards were taken out. When I left, I was down to one game before renewal, so at least I saved Virus a headache when it came down to that. Props for him hosting this tournament, and for understanding the situation when he gave me back my $8.
  4. Before all of this happened, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant near SVGL called Beque Korean Grill. It's sort of a high-scale Korean BBQ place, and for the $$ we got a good meal. It's some of the best Korean BBQ that I had since the Sushi Boat in Reno. I know I'll be stopping by there come Fanime, since it's not that far.
  5. This tournament gives me more motivation to start a tournament in Sacramento. But there is a lot of work to be done...more on this on the other blog.
  6. The importance of "Family First." My family lives on this motto, and no matter what, family comes first. When people heard about what had happened, they said "Family First."
Anyways, it was nice seeing you all out there. I hope to see you all sometime soon, until then...I wonder who's going to win it all...

BTW, new header with my car.

Emergency ride had a medical emergency, so we had to bail out of the tourney. Family first...

I'll post whatever I have, but I don't have much. But the feet are wet indeed...
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I'm currently eating at Beque Korean Grill, not far from SVGL. I should be there about an hour before the tourney starts, especially with the need to renew before it starts...
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Night Before...A Tournament

I've written a ton of thoughts the night before an anime convention, but never on a tournament, much less an ARCADE tournament.

I feel pretty confident given everything that I've worked on in the past week or so leading up to this tournament. I'm pretty hyped to see the best come out and face each other in the heat of battle. Even a couple of folks from Southern California are attending, which could make this tournament that more epic.

The key to all this is the condition of the machines. At RVGL on Wednesday, 4th gear choked on me. I'm not planning on 4th gear choking on me come tomorrow night. Given a forum post stating that the machines are in pristine condition, it'll make things simpler.

The team that I'm in may make a run at the top spot; we may get knock out on the first go-around. But no matter what, I have to dip my feet somewhere.

I'm expecting a ton of photos and videos, and I will get to work on those immediately after I get home from work the day after (Saturday). I want to have most of the videos published to YouTube by Sunday, but that's subject to change.

With that said, I'll see you all tomorrow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Battle Video from RVGL

So as I work up to the tournament next week, I was presented with a Present Card when I had to renew. Basically, a Present Card is like a discard but with limited playability so that you can introduce your car to others without ruining your own data.

Well anyways a person (who's name has slipped out of my mind at the moment) wanted to use the Present Card. He then went on to battle two others on Nagoya.

I had the video...but I don't know where it went...

I looked all in the BlackBerry menus and the memory stick, but it's not there...

Sorry man. :(

Monday, February 9, 2009

FanimeCon Blog Cards

My order of business cards promoting my FanimeCon Blog came in today. I was really expecting to get them next week just in time to hand them out for the SVGL MT3DX Tournament that Friday.

The layout of the card matches the layout for my Sac-Anime Blog one, but only a small difference makes it from being an identical match.

Now I have an outlet in which to promote and let people know about my blog...I hope this pays off in increased readership.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SVGL MT3DX Tourney Update #2

For those who are looking for information about the SVGL MT3DX Tournament on Feb. 20th, you can find it here. This will give you the rundown of everything you need to know.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Testing blogging from my aquired Blackberry. Yay!
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Monday, February 2, 2009

SVGL MT3DX Tourney Update

As mentioned on the Wangan Midnight Expressway Forums, I will be holding coverage of the MT3DX (Maximum Tune 3 DX) tournament at SVGL (Sunnyvale Golfland) on February 20th. I will posting pictures as well as a full recap of that night's events. If possible, if I do take video I will be posting that too on here as well as my YouTube page.

In fact, this will be my first covered event outside of any convention. In a way, I'm expanding what I cover to not include conventions, but include events that "sort of" relate. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe not. But I'm sure to expand my readership.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go work on my skills...