Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Night Before...A Tournament

I've written a ton of thoughts the night before an anime convention, but never on a tournament, much less an ARCADE tournament.

I feel pretty confident given everything that I've worked on in the past week or so leading up to this tournament. I'm pretty hyped to see the best come out and face each other in the heat of battle. Even a couple of folks from Southern California are attending, which could make this tournament that more epic.

The key to all this is the condition of the machines. At RVGL on Wednesday, 4th gear choked on me. I'm not planning on 4th gear choking on me come tomorrow night. Given a forum post stating that the machines are in pristine condition, it'll make things simpler.

The team that I'm in may make a run at the top spot; we may get knock out on the first go-around. But no matter what, I have to dip my feet somewhere.

I'm expecting a ton of photos and videos, and I will get to work on those immediately after I get home from work the day after (Saturday). I want to have most of the videos published to YouTube by Sunday, but that's subject to change.

With that said, I'll see you all tomorrow!

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