Friday, February 20, 2009

Prospecting a Sacramento MT Tournament?

As mention on my FanimeCon Blog, I went to a MT tournament in Sunnyvale today. I couldn't say long due to a medical emergency, but I did hint at the fact that I wanted to host a tournament in Sacramento.

Here's the problem.
There are only two places in the ENTIRE Sacramento area that have MT machines - CCL, but they have two, so that won't work. That only leaves me with Roseville GL, but there are a ton of problems pertaining to those machines - at least one for each machine, wether that's a broken shifter, no force feedback, or even a broken printer.

If I wanted to host a tournament, I would first need all the machines to be fixed. It would take a lot of persuasion on my part to get managment to fix them. I plan to write a formal letter to managment, stating that by fixing these machines and hosting a tournmanet at RVGL, we can showcase this Golfland and by bringing everyone up from the Bay Area and possibly Southern California, showcase the best under one roof.

Only when the machines are fixed that I can plan out the tournament. Since Virus is moving back up to Sacramento, I could use his help, but I would be the one running it. But that's for another time...

I really want to bring a tournament to Sacramento because there have been none. They're all in the Bay Area. I want to showcase Central Valley's finest at this game, and this would be place to do it.

UPDATE 2/28/09 - I gave staff the letter and asked them to forward it to management. I'm either waiting for a phone call or having them find me when I'm back up there for a response.

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