Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mori-senpai sightings?

So I was in my Ouran High School uniform on Sunday, and I got a few people asking me if I was Mori from the series. For a minute, I tried to deny it and told them instead that I was my original character that I brought up from Fanime, then I realized that if I was about a foot and a half taller that I could be Mori. But for the moment, I'm really short to be Mori...wahhhh!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So as of late, WMMT3DX machines have been showing up on this side of the ocean. DX adds a new course, a new coin system, a new HP max (825HP from 820HP), and a bunch of other new features.

After Sac-Anime last week, I planned on spending time with my friend in SF before dropping him back home and heading back to Sacramento on a Monday.

After dropping off all my stuff, we go down to the Castro Valley Golfland to try out the new DX machine. After stopping in Tracy for breakfast, we get there about 9am, about an hour before they opened. After closing my eyes for a sec to get some shuteye, I actually go into the arcade area to see if anyone was there. The person that was there asked me what I wanted to play, and he was able to boot up the machine. Despite the fact I only played $5 worth, I got a feel for the new course, Nagoya, and some story mode done. I would of stayed longer, but I was headed to Japantown for the day.

I'm looking forward to playing DX again, either at a tournament or at FanimeCon 2009...I hope.

Con Report: Sac-Anime Winter 2009

First off, this Sac-Anime (the Winter edition) felt a lot different than the past Sac-Anime. It's been a year since the dreadful '08 show when things weren't going right for me on staff. The '08 show was the last time I ever staffed, and until I make accords with the staff members I won't return.

I did apply for a press badge; but unlike the Summer show, I was denied. According to the staff my blog did not have enough readership (compared to sites like Coscom,, etc.) to warrent a press badge. At first, I was confused, then I realized it was good decision as long as the staff there was consistent in their decision-making. I didn't see anyone with less credibility with a press badge that weekend, so everything was fine. Besides, I'm still able to report and blog.

Now, onto the con itself.

Friday was very interesting. For one, I was dealing with some issues; one is personal (which I won't mention here, but if you find me maybe I'll tell you) and then my car died when I parked it on the return trip to the con from the hotel. The alternator went bad and the car had to be towed back to my house. Luckly the car was fixed and I was able to get it back for Saturday and Sunday.
Like most Winter show Fridays, it's slow. Most of the grade-school attendees are still in school, so most of us are in the college crowd. I was able to hang around with the Console Gaming staff, and played some Rock Band 2. I also got to see Vic, Travis and Laura in the 1st autograph session. Vic signed the 4th FMA boxset and the rest signed my badge. I also looked around the Dealers Room, but I decided to wait until later. I decide to go home early because for some odd reason they kicked everyone out early after the concerts were over.

Saturday went much smoother than Friday. For one, it was jam packed with attendees, with plenty of cosplayers. I spent my morning back in the Console Gaming room, ripping off 6 straight games on Halo 3 4 vs. 4. I was even shocked, given that I'm not much of a Halo player myself (because I play on the PS3 than the 360).
Then my friend from the Bay Area arrives, and we decide to go find the photographer and get some pictures of my State Military uniform with my weapon loadout. From what I've seen, they came out pretty nice. After that, I decide to jump in line for the 1st of 2 FMA Panel sessions with Vic, Travis and Laura. I heard that before this, Vic and Travis were playing football out on the grass field out on the convention grounds. If I had seen them playing football I would of joined them. Anyways, it was all fun and games, great moments all around. Following that panel was the 2nd autograph session; I got Vic to sign my Ouran High School Host Club boxset (if I had bought the 2nd boxset I would gotten Travis to sign it) and everyone else signed my business card. I also did some networking with them, so if any of you are reading this leave a message! Between all of this I was with Console Gaming playing more Rock Band 2 and some Beatmania among other games.
At this point, I am pretty hungry. So about 5PM I take off with me and my friend to Boston Market. I wasn't really on planning to attend the Masquerade given the limited capacity; really, I am not getting cramped in that small amount of space just to watch a bunch of skits. We actually do get back before 6PM, the start of the Masquerade. There's still a line to get in, meaning we knew we weren't getting in. So what do I do? Go back to Console Gaming! I was able to catch the DDR Tourament (explain to me how both players can have the same exact step stats yet have different scores?) and the Halo 3 2 vs. 2 tourament. Both were good right to the very end, and props to the winner; he's been dominating both the 2 vs. 2 and 1 vs. 1 Halo 3 tournaments for the past two cons. Rumor has it that he'll be staffing for the Halo 3 tourament at the Summer show; I told him that winner plays him/his team for bonuses.
I'm also in and out in the small concrete courtyard watching the Masquerade. Eventually, it ends and they prepare for the Satuday Rave. I was able to get in early and I stayed for a bit before letting other people have the opportunity to rave (because I'm a nice guy). I also take part in Cosplay Poker, with a change - I actually make it to the Sunday Final Table. That runs up right to the end of the con, so I decide to head back to prepare for Sunday.

Sunday, like Friday, is slow but in terms of amount of stuff to do. Yeah, there's the Fashion Show and more panels, but less things to do on Sunday. With only one boxset left to sign, I stand in line for about 2 hours to get a last chance for autographs. I do succeed in Vic signing the FMA boxset, and now I have all four boxsets signed by him.
I pace the Dealers Room for anything appealing, but the only thing I walk out with is a Chibi Badge - I have 4 now, and it'll be 5 come Fanime 2009.
Again, I spend most of my time hanging out with Console Gaming and talking to people that I know and don't know like most of the weekend.
Right at the end they tried to hold the Final Table, but we got prizes for making the Final Table instead, which is cool enough for me.
Either than that, I just hung out, took pictures, and complained how bad my NFL playoff picks - lost 3 of 4 picks - were.
I left early to go treat my friend to dinner at a local Mongolian BBQ off of Howe, then back to the hotel to relax.

That's about it for the Con Report for Sac-Anime Winter 2009. In terms of Sac-Anime, I can't wait to see you all again in August. In terms of Sac-Con, I hope to make the March show. Either than that, it's off to FanimeCon in May!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Miniskirt Request...Live

Hey, remember that picture of Travis posing as Roy Mustang and giving that famous "Miniskirt" line? Well, I found the video from the person who asked that.

PICTURE OF THE DAY: Outdoor Concert

There were these two guys singing and playing guitar. They were at Sac-Anime to promote An Cafe; they were at FanimeCon 2008 if anyone remembers. Anyways, I managed to get a few shots of them that weekend...this is one of them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Epic Skit? At my Sac-Anime?

OK, so first off I did not attend Saturday's Masquerade. I went out to eat around 5PM-ish and by the time I got back, the room was full. Then again, you better be in line 2-3 hours before the Masquerade starts if you want to get a seat AT ALL.

I remember asking around the con afterward if the Masquerade was "Epic Win" or "Epic Fail." Now, for some strange reason, I had more "it was epic win" more than "it was epic fail."

Today I decided to search YouTube for these skits. I came across the Tsubasa skit that won Best of Show.

...and my god, it deserved every single bit of that award.

Also the fact is used E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable makes that skit more win.

PICTURE OF THE DAY #2: Miniskirt Request

During the FMA Panel, an attendee asked Travis to do his famous "Miniskirts" line from FMA.
So he did...

PICTURE OF THE DAY #1: Finally...

...I get some pictures taken of this setup. I've been waiting for a year...

(Picture taken by Mike Schweizer of

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Update Webcast @ Fanime?

OK, so I tried doing a daily update via webcam on my computer during Sac-Anime last weekend. But I ran into a problem - the Wi-Fi was really bad, and the video didn't go through. When I did my "The Day Before" video on the house Wi-Fi, I had no problems.

I'm guessing that the Marriot wired connection, the one that I used last year to blog from, will be much better than the hotel Wi-Fi I was at over the weekend. So, I will be doing daily update webcasts at FanimeCon 2009.

All Pictures Up

I had to create a new Photobucket account, one separate from my main account that I used to host pictures over, but here it is.

Note I took fewer pictures this year. For one, I didn't have my camera on me at all times, and two I was just trying to enjoy myself. Besides, the majority of the shots that I took weren't cosplayers, but everything that was happening at the convention - my specialty.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lack of Daily Updates

OK, the "recording it on a webcam" didn't work out as planned. Then again, the Wi-Fi at the hotel probably played a role in it...stupid Wi-Fi. Anyways, I think that if I did them all from home they would of came out good. So for now, all of them will be removed, and eventually I will do a short version of the con review, probably within the week.

Also, pictures uploading now...Pictures uploaded...although it doesn't seem all of them (but a majority did) got uploaded...

Update: It seems like not all of them did...when I get back from work, expect a re-upload.

See above post

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Travis Willingham's "The Pudding Story"

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to daily pictures, but I will upload all of them when I get back, which will probably be sometime in the week before I head back to school.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 1 Friday Update

I have checked into the con, but I'm dealing with some personal issues, so as of now I haven't been there for the majority of the time.

I hope everything will be resolved by Saturday so that I can enjoy everything.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Daily Update Webcast Uploaded

It was the night before Sac-Anime and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...except for me packing, figuring out what the hell to bring, and figuring out what the hell to do that weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As we go into Thursday...

I just got an e-mail from Sac-Anime telling me two things - that Chris Sarandon is not attending the show because of "an illness in the family," and the panel schedule.

I've been waiting for the panel schedule, and I'll list them here.

3PM - Voice Actor Panel with Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey
5PM - Autograph Session with above guests

11AM - "Cosplay: Bringing 2D Characters into a 3D World" Hosted by Katie Blair
12PM - Q&A with Tom Kane
2PM - FMA Panel with Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey
3PM - Autograph Session with above guests and Tom Kane
4PM - "Learn Japanese Through Song" with Lisa Furukawa

10AM - Story Story Die
11AM - Q&A with Tom Kane
12PM - FMA Panel with Vic Mignogna, Travis Willingham & Laura Bailey
1PM - Autograph Session with above guests

Don't forget about about the Friday Night Concerts with Lisa Furukawa, akai SKY and {mid:night} (I haven't seen any of them for probably a year now, so it'll be nice to see them again); and the Saturday Rave featuring The Random DJ's.

Tomorrow I will "debut" my daily update videos.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Inching Closer to Winter '09 Show

Today is Tuesday, meaning you have three more days (counting today) to prepare for Sac-Anime Winter 2009.

I'm going to try something a bit different. I will still provide some video coverage, but for the most part it'll be daily updates via webcam upload (instead of using a camcorder). I think by doing it this way I can provide more daily updates much quicker.

Anyways, hope to see you all there on Friday!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hotel Booked

The site for the hotel reservation for FanimeCon opened up yesterday, and today - 16 days earlier from last year - I made my reservation. I jumped on the reservation before the end of January last year, and I've done the same this year.

It's a great way to open up 2009!


2009 is now upon us, and with that a new con season begins. It'll start with Sac-Anime next week, FanimeCon in May, and Sac-Anime (again) in August. Within that year, there will be Sac-Cons dotted that I will (probably) attend.

I'm also hoping to attend Anime Expo in July down in Los Angeles. Like I've said before, I haven't been to one since 2002, and it would be nice to see downtown Los Angeles - a part of LA I haven't visited yet.

2009 will bring new opportunities, adventures, and learning experiences. I may be 20, but there's still a lot to learn.

I hope that 2009 will be better than 2008 in every way imaginable.