Sunday, January 18, 2009


So as of late, WMMT3DX machines have been showing up on this side of the ocean. DX adds a new course, a new coin system, a new HP max (825HP from 820HP), and a bunch of other new features.

After Sac-Anime last week, I planned on spending time with my friend in SF before dropping him back home and heading back to Sacramento on a Monday.

After dropping off all my stuff, we go down to the Castro Valley Golfland to try out the new DX machine. After stopping in Tracy for breakfast, we get there about 9am, about an hour before they opened. After closing my eyes for a sec to get some shuteye, I actually go into the arcade area to see if anyone was there. The person that was there asked me what I wanted to play, and he was able to boot up the machine. Despite the fact I only played $5 worth, I got a feel for the new course, Nagoya, and some story mode done. I would of stayed longer, but I was headed to Japantown for the day.

I'm looking forward to playing DX again, either at a tournament or at FanimeCon 2009...I hope.

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