Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Epic Skit? At my Sac-Anime?

OK, so first off I did not attend Saturday's Masquerade. I went out to eat around 5PM-ish and by the time I got back, the room was full. Then again, you better be in line 2-3 hours before the Masquerade starts if you want to get a seat AT ALL.

I remember asking around the con afterward if the Masquerade was "Epic Win" or "Epic Fail." Now, for some strange reason, I had more "it was epic win" more than "it was epic fail."

Today I decided to search YouTube for these skits. I came across the Tsubasa skit that won Best of Show.

...and my god, it deserved every single bit of that award.

Also the fact is used E.S. Posthumus - Unstoppable makes that skit more win.

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