Saturday, September 22, 2007

Winter Cosplay

I know for sure I'm going to have two cosplay costumes, one being my Ouran High School uniform and probably my Director of the OHSSS character.

The other I'm still still debating on. It's a coin flip between Fullmetal Alchemist and Eureka seveN, both involving military uniform and original characters. This way, I can still have my weapons with me as well, including carrying around an assault rifle. But I know someone will tell me that a M4 didn't exist in the era of FMA, and that maybe a AK-47, a SKS (which someone told me when I first had this idea), or some old-school bolt-action rifle like a Kar98k.

Actually, I just remembered that before any of this, I had submitted a commission request to LimeBarb about a red version of the State Military uniform, since red is my favorite color. I have the last e-mail saved in my Hotmail accont for just in case I want to bring it back up with LimbBarb. As I look at the last e-mail saved, it said $227 for the jacket, which is a lot more than what I paid for my Ouran uniform. (Remember, I can't sow for shit and I don't have the time committment for it outside of work, school, and Student Government.) I might bring it back up again, but I might just go with the standard blue.

Yes, Sac-Con and Sac-Anime are still about 2 months away, but it's never too early to plan out.

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