Friday, October 16, 2009

Con Visiting Wish List

With the amount of resources that I have, I can only go to a certain amount of cons each year.
However, there are a few that I've always wanted to visit.
Here is a small list of cons that I want go to:
  • Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA)
  • San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego, CA)
  • Otakon (Baltimore, MD)
  • Anime Central (Chicago, IL)
  • Sakura-Con (Seattle, WA)
  • A-Kon (Dallas, TX)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
  • Anime Boston (Boston, MA)
  • New York Anime Festival & Comic-Con (New York City, NY)
Of course, there are two outside of North America that would be my ultimate dream - Comiket and the Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair.

I hope that one day this blog can expand outside of California, but if I did that I would need a new blog.

UPDATE 11/2: Added more cons

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  1. Agreed on ACen, Sakura Con, and NYAF. Anime Vegas is okay. Yet, I've also heard goo things about Anime Boston.


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