Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FanimeCon 2007 Report Part 1

Here we go...the full FanimeCon 2007 Report, broken into two parts. Part 1 is now, Part 2 will be sometime today.

It all starts out when I arrived in San Jose about 1:30ish. That took us enough time to actually walk to the convention center, get all our badges, and walk around before checking in. When we got to the covention center, it was already 2 and I was able to catch the first Ouran High School Host Club gathering. But I wasn't in my Ouran uniform. I said hi to Imari-chan and told her that I would be in the Sunday gathering. We got our badges, and we were told to meet back at the hotel by 3. So I went into the Dealers Room to check in and see if my FanimeCon katana was in. It was, and I told them to hold it until Monday. Anyways, after we got situated, I decided to change into my cosplay, and went back to the con in my cosplay uniform. I actually do remember someone asking me to pose so that they could take their picture.

We attended Opening Ceremonies, and I was impressed with the line-up of guests that were on hand. One of them was Hiroyuki Yamaga, the president of Gainax (you know...the company that created such hits as Evangelion and FLCL). Anyways, we were the first ones in and we got the chance to sit 2nd row - the only people that were in front of us were the guests themselves. I was sitting near and behind the freakin' president of Gainax. After Opening Ceremonies were over, I was able to shake the hand of Hiroyuki Yamaga and told him how much of an Eva fan I was (and Evangelion is #1 in my Top 10 anime). So far, that was the best, and probably will be, the best moment from Fanime 2007.

Later that night, I found myself scouting the area to find something to eat, just because Friday is the time when not everyone is there and not everyone is cosplaying 24/7. Eventually I found myself at Johnny Rockets and a nice dinner. I went back to the con to go participate in the FanimeCon Texas Hold'em Tournament. I got busted out by someone who I had going into the turn and catching a 3rd 8 on the turn, giving them trip 8s over my pair queens. I then went back up to the hotel room to change out. After that, it was off to the rave and the 18+ rooms. By then, BSaphire wanted me to help her out and keep the rave in check, so I helped out and was checking for badges. I also went into the Yuri and Hentai rooms that night, and I must say I had a wonderful experience with that. I got up into the room about 2 and crashed for the night.

Saturday. The morning started out with me, Ryann, and Michelle looking for a Denny's. Since there wasn't one, we ate at Starbucks. Then I had to head back and wait for my bro Shiro who was arriving that morning. I told him to get there early so that he can go through reg and go check-in for the karaoke contest. (I already checked in yesterday, but I still had the CD since DAYS wasn't on the karaoke list). But the reg line for Saturday was long as hell, and well...Shiro didn't make it in time to check-in for the karaoke contest. The people in the room felt bad for him, because's the reg line. I was able to get the CD before the cut-off time. 1PM swings along, and I'm 4th up in the contest. I go out there, get loose, and just have a good time. After that, it was off to go get something to the Fanmaid Cafe with Shiro. We talked and had a good time. After getting an early meal in from McDonalds, I met up with a person I met up at the forums that was going to do a short photo-shoot. I didn't take too long, and I thanked him. I haven't seen the results yet, but I'm looking foward to.

Fast foward to 6PM. After waiting to see the results of the Prelims, I found myself out of contention; Ryann too as well. I was waiting for her so that I could tell her that we were going to the B&W Ball together. I did go, but only for the first hour. The best memory from that was that someone early on grabbed on my tie (like what Haruhi would do to Kyon...a lot), yanked me to the middle of the dance floor, and danced with me (which we did). Unforunately, I did leave early because...well space ran out quickly. It was a common issue with both the B&W Ball and the Rave that it was in a small space. I went back to my room to save before heading back down here for the night. I found myself at the Texas Hold'em Tournament, but I was there longer. I managed to salvage a 4th place finish, but I still think about that final hand when I went all-in with pocket 3s, only to get called with someone who held pocket jacks. Oh well, at least I got Ryann a Gaia Online tee because she said she didn't want to buy anything from the Gaia Online booth in the Dealers Room. I also went to the rave and more 18+ rooms. I found myself crashing early because tomorrow would be a big day for me.

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