Saturday, May 26, 2007

Middle of Saturday

It's about 3:50PM, and I'm back in the hotel room. I'm currently resting up and re-arming. I also put down what I bought - the Haruhi box set (before ANYONE CAN BUY IT!!! BOO-YEAH!!!), the FanimeCon sword, a Bleach (legit) wallscroll, and a airsoft USP. The dealer that sold me the sword didn't have wall mounts, so I might buy one online when I get back.

Karaoke Contest. I thought I did good, but Ryann said that I "wasn't Top 10 material." Oh well, it was my first time anyways, and I had a kick out of performing, even if I don't make the Top 10. But if I do, you can see me perform "White Reflection" at 9.

Either than that, R&R and then back to the con.

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