Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's not even the first day...

...and I'm already feel burnt out. Then again, I did a favor for BSahpire and helped out with the rave last night. I'd do anything for BSaphire because she's part of my family from Sac-Anime, and it's a connection I don't want to lose.

I was in the Hold'em Tournament last night. I was doing pretty good until I had to make a stand with Queens going all in. I forgot who called me, but he only had pocket 8s. But a freakin' 8 on the turn gives him a set, and I'm out. Oh well, that's what we call a "bad beat." Always happen in poker, and it happened to me last night.

Since the Wi-Fi isn't somehow going through, I'm back down in the business center. I should be asleep, but I needed to use the bathroom in the lobby. I'm waiting on Shiro to tell me that he left so that I can wait for him when he comes around 11.

Other highlights: Well, I actually had someone approach me and take a picture of me. I also went to the 18+ stuff, and we were all just having a ball, even if it did involve Yuri and Hentai.

Either than that, a great first day to Fanime. And San Jose is pretty nice and a lot colder than I expected...which is good for me.

I'm going back up to my room now...

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