Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nice Shave...

I just got out the bathroom, looking all clean shaven. I love looking clean shaven at cons, and usually I shave a few days before I head out. Unforunately, I just found out that some people are already there, and in fact have already posted cosplay photos...on Thursday. Euroboat King from the Forums already has pictures up of Imari-Chan (who I know very well from Sac-Anime, and I hope she notices me when I come to the Ouran gathering Sunday. Actually, she was the one who really introduced me to Ouran High School Host Club, and after seeing her cosplay I followed suit and got me one for myself). I'm still stuck in Sacramento, and I have to work. But hey, it's only Thursday. But I wish it was already Friday.

When I get home from work, I will finalize my budget, get the forcast for Fanime on my iPod, and make sure that I have everything packed. Then it's up back to the Forums for last-minute posting before heading off to sleep to wake up early.

If anyone wants to comfort me, you can find me at Quiznos in Greenhaven. I work from 4:30 to close (we close at 9, so please don't come to Quiznos at 8:55 and expect me and my co-worker to make 3 large Prime Rib Cheesesteaks). Just don't try to ask for a discount because you read by blog...

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