Monday, May 28, 2007

This is probably it...

I'm back in the hotel room earlier than expected. I feel tired after the Cosplay Contest. Despite the fact I've been hearing that this one was "weaker" than the ones in year's past, but I thought it was really good.

The photo-shoot was very good, and I have about 100+ pictures to go through, flip accordingly, and post tomorrow after I get situated at home. Thank god I have to close on Tuesday; that way, I can pass out and do everything Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

I did go to Yaoi Let's Make A Deal, and despite the fact this couple bought two tickets for me, no such luck. I also sat in the Ouran marathon room, and I find it funny that me sitting in the Ouran marathon room marked the first anime viewing room I've sat in for at least one episode, and no that doesn't count the H rooms.

This is probably it for me at Fanime; I might go back to the Dealer's Room for a bit for Monday, but odds are I will not be in uniform. Every picture that was taken will somehow get on the net.

I am out...seriously.

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