Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Killing AX Plans

Unfornately, I'm killing my AX plans. Why am I posting this on the Fanime blog? Because that blog is dead.

My plan to not stay a hotel but stay at relatives didn't go through, and the opportunity cost to stay at a hotel is WAY too expensive. Honestly, $125 a night for myself is WAY too expensive, not to mention $170+ to fly up and down from Sac to LA and another $55 to register. That would come out to $665 just on those three things. My Fanime budget is around $750, and that includes spending cash for dealers room. The $665 doesn't include dealers room money, fees for photoshoots, food costs, and everything else that I figured already in the Fanime budget.

And the way things are, those prices will probably go up before I even pulled the trigger on AX, probably sometime around June after Fanime. I was hoping to get a feel for how much I have left for AX after Fanime, but I already know I don't have enough even now for AX.

Besides...Fanime > AX. Word.

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