Friday, December 11, 2009

Spending Cash Allocation

I'll have more on ALA on Thursday after Finals, but I wanted to touch real quick on a plan between spending cash for ALA and FanimeCon.

Odds are most of the items that I see at the ALA Dealers Room I'll see at the FanimeCon Dealers Room, give or take some items that come out after ALA that'll be available at FanimeCon. As a result, I can probably bring a bit more spending cash to ALA in hopes of finding what I want prior to FanimeCon. I can lower the cash budget down since I won't need that much money come FanimeCon, which will help in the overall budget total.

Just a thought from a budgeting standpoint especially between two cons.

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  1. This is the ALA dealer's room:

    It's very small. Think AOD small. Most of what you can find there you can find at either Fanime or AOD. The only unique thing is there are a few Renaissance faire type dealers, if that's your thing.


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