Friday, August 27, 2010

Thoughts on Anime Vegas, One Week Out

First things first though: school. On Monday, I go back to school at Sacramento State, signaling the end of Summer 2010...for four days. That Friday, I leave for Las Vegas for the Labor Day weekend and Anime Vegas, my last chance at summer freedom before going back to the grind of school life.

I am really looking forward to this well-needed trip and adding another convention to my visited list. My only issue so far is trying to get all the cosplay gatherings together. Seriously, most of these gathering times and places should be set at least a week prior to the convention date. We're still figuring out a couple of time slots for some of the gatherings, and for the most part we're trying to figure out where to hold these gatherings. I'm looking at holding my SMT/Persona Gathering (assuming it's just not me and Ryan as Junpei) near one of the pool areas where it appears to be a gazebo. I also hope that they release a schedule soon so that we can finally figure out a time for the Hetalia Gathering; we don't want to overlap with the panel that is scheduled.

By this time next week I will be on the I-15 on my way to Vegas. See you all in a week!

Speaking of Hetalia on the side, I found that the Hetalia Philippines LiveJournal has photos that Erica posted from Anime Expo 2010 of Ryan shortly after the convention and also has a link back to the FanimeCon 2010 Sunday portion of the report; I only found out after looking through my referrers and recent hits on my counter today. Props to Erica posting that on their LiveJournal!

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