Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Month of 2010

We are quickly coming to the end of November, and soon we'll be on the last month of 2010. There are still a lot of things for me to do, one of them is surviving the last two weeks of school then finals.

On the convention end, I just bought my ALA badge so all that's left to buy is my round-trip train tickets down to LA. I also need to know the schedule for which everything is supposed to take place since I'm taking over the Anime Conventions Reporting Panel. My ideal plan is run that panel and the SoCal Host Club/Mochi Cafe Informational Panel back-to-back on Friday. But for now, I can only speculate as ALA staff continue to work on the schedule of events.

Unless something happens, I do plan to attend Sac-Con two weeks from. I have some plans on interviewing some of the local artists that will be there on Sunday, as well as random cosplayers and the gaming staff. I don't want to wear Philippines from Hetalia because my flag pole is with Ryan down in SoCal, so odds are I'll go as Junpei or no cosplay.

One more month, then we get to do this all over again in 2011.

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