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SacCon December 2011: Con Report

A panoramic view from insiders the Dealers Hall at the Scottish Rite Center.
I remember a year ago coming to this very same SacCon, wondering why I haven't attended any Sacramento conventions in the past year. Since then, I went back to SacAnime this past September and I'll be returning to the winter edition in January. I also came to this year's "the-end-of-the-convention-season" convention in which all of us gather one last time, partly in preparation for next year's conventions but to also chill out in a small setting with finals and the Christmas rush looming. I had a final exam two days after the convention, so for me it allowed me to relax the day before cramming.

Probably the best photo taken all convention, plus some Photoshop work for that extra kick.
I started off my morning arriving early before a line started to develop. It was frosty cold, so I could understand why many didn't want to come out until it got much warmer. There were a couple of us inside the Scottish Rite Center trying to stay warm without entering the convention.

I had pre-registration at hand, so I was able to enter early and scope everything out.

Watching the rush of attendees right at opening.
A photo of two lovely people at the Artists Alley.
Jonas and Diego on Just Dance 3 in the opening hours of the convention.

In the Dealers Hall, I was in search of a figure. With my new computer layout, I reshuffled the layout of my figure collection. There were few dealers selling such figures, given that this is SacCon and not SacAnime, but I eventually I came across this Mikado figure from Durarara!!. The lady, who I know from supplying my Mitsuru and Akihiko charms for my camera lens the last SacCon, noticed that I was eyeing the figure because it was the only figure that really did interest me. Eventually I picked up the figure and it's standing right next to me as I type this.

Isn't he adorable?
The 6th Circle
I also ran across the dealer that was doing custom drink ware, as illustrated below. I found out that I can do custom orders, so I decided to get me a Gekkoukan High School (from Persona 3) glass cup with the engraving "Gekkoukan Private High School Since 1982" along with the famous logo. I will post results as soon as I get the cup, because some of my friends are eager to see the result of the product.

L.A.D. Designs
Outside the courtyard, Mike and his crew are setting up for a day of Club Raving, which had both its fans and critics, depending on who you asked that day. I also got a quick impromptu shoot between an assassin and a werewolf.

The main console for the Club Rave.
One of the speakers used. Needs more bass though.
Assassin 1 - 0 Werewolf
One of the things about SacCon that I find interesting was the many people I can discuss a wide variety of topics on. I remember talking about the Hetalia fanbase with one person, the Spike VGAs with another, and Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 6 with someone else.

Here are some cosplay highlights from early in the convention.

Minori from Toradora!.
GIR from Invader Zim, probably the best cosplay I saw that day.
Christmas!America from Axis Powers Hetalia.
The Yeti with the werewolf from earlier.
By 12pm I was on my lunch break, and soon after I was able to record my first ever convention walkthrough in high definition.

Back in the courtyard, I finally encounter some ravers and get some photos of them.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B & C

Also present was the Video Game Room and Just Dance 3, a game first made popular convention-wise by the viral video from Yaoi-Con.

In that sense, I wasn't able to capture the exact video but some good dance footage was taken that day.

Stills from the MIKA - Lolipop performance.
Before I knew it, time has passed quickly and it was almost time to pack up shop to go home.

Juggling glasses in the Artists Alley.
After the convention was finished and all business was squared away, I had one final chance to hang out with everyone over dinner at Raku Sushi in West Sacramento. Again, I thank you all for having me during the dinner and it was a great way for me to wind up the day before heading home and getting to work.

This convention will hold something special because before SacAnime came along I came to SacCon. Everyone knows me, I know everyone, and we can all have a good time away from the stress from the bigger conventions. I like it when we have a small convention like SacCon before the pressure cooker that is SacAnime.

-SacCon December 2011 Report End-

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