Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Convention Eats: La Victoria Taqueria, San Jose, CA

Conventions Eats: La Victoria Taqueria
Location: 140 East San Carlos St., San Jose, CA, 95112
Cuisine: Mexican

The front of La Victoria Taqueria on East San Carlos St. (Photo Credit: gogobot.com)

With FanimeCon right next to San Jose State University, there are a ton of eateries in between the convention center and the campus: Hydration, Pizza My Heart, and Iguana's just to name a few. But today we'll focus on La Victoria Taqueria, a 5-10 minute walk from the convention.

The place is pretty small with some room to eat, but that's because the lines can be long at times even going outside the door and there's got to be a way to fit everyone. When I went, there was a medium-sized line during a college weekend and I imagined what the lines would look like during FanimeCon. This was around I want to say 7pm, but you can go later and still order food or even after midnight...everyday. Their hours are 7am to 3am Monday through Sunday, so literally you can order a late-night taco then come back hours later to order a breakfast burrito.

The menu is your standard taqueria fare: tacos, burritos, nachos, tostadas, and much more.

It's all done with that homey, down-to-earth Mexican cooking goodness that you expect from this type of place.

But what really draws people to this place is the Orange Sauce, which I can only describe as an "addicting blend of sweet and hot."

The Orange Sauce in its natural habitat. (Photo Credit: edopeno.com)
As someone who doesn't like spicy food, the sweet draws you in then the hotness kicks right in. As much as my mouth burned a bit from the last part, I couldn't help myself dipping more and more of this sauce into the burrito I bought. The forumla for the sauce is a guarded secret, much like KFC's Original Recipe or Orochon's Spicy #2 ramen. They gave me two small containers, but for $6 you can take home a bottle as pictured above.

Verdict: Everyone who knows and love this place will come down to Fanime for a cheap meal that won't break your bank and will satisfy your cravings for authentic taqueria. And worst comes to worst, if your mouth is burning you can always go next door to Hydration to cool down with some milk tea boba.

Price: $
Food Quality: 5/5
Wait For Food: 5/5 (3/5 is there's a long line)
Distance from Con: 5/5

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