Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Matthew's FanimeCon 2014 Report: Part 6 - Day Three

Day Three of this report really doesn't start exactly at Day Three, but more like after MusicFest at the tail end of Day Two.

Much like in 2011, our goal was to get something to eat before we changed back into Persona cosplay for the Midnight Gathering. This time around we went to Hoagie Steak Out and I had a Korean BBQ Cheesesteak with mushrooms.

Now that's what you call a meal after MusicFest. Also came with a free drink.
I had already checked in for the Midnight Gathering, so all I had to do was wait and play some Cards Against Humanity with people I knew.

Nate's Persona 3 group starring in 21 Jump Street: Gekkoukan Edition.
This time around, we didn't run through the entire set list of photos from the Daytime Gathering; just one group photo, one funny pose group photo, and we were on our way into the night. Nate was heading with his group for a early morning photo shoot and I would catch up with him later.

The line into the dance/rave on Sunday early morning. With that type of line, I wasn't to get inside that night.
The Gaming Hall featuring people dancing from that one song that makes you clap your hands and reminds you of high school.
Jonas tricking it up on this Pump It Up set up.
Nate did eventually catch up with me and for the majority of the night we kicked back with friends until almost when the sun started to rise.


Somehow, after last night, I was able to get myself up, walk all the way to La Vic's for a cheap breakfast burrito, then back to the convention center and waited nearly two hours for the HOME MADE Kazoku autograph session. I did this so that I had enough time to grab everything and make the trek over to the Fairmont to cover the only "panel" that I ever went to that weekend: the Cosplay Wrestling Federation, or CWF for short.

Now that's DEDICATION.
Fans of HOME MADE posing in front of the camera while waiting.
My first look at the Fairmont since 2011.

The hype train surrounding the CWF built after the successful show at ALA. With something to prove to the FanimeCon staff, the people behind the show as well as this crop of contestants went all-out.

Dio winning the title.

I was sold on the CWF now and I wish its future success especially if they get a slot at Anime Expo.

The view from outside the Fairmont near Johnny Rockets.
Back at the convention center, I roamed the Dealers Hall once again after eating lunch back at the room.

A closer look at the proclamation.
Eventually I took my seat at Stage Zero and waited for a convention staple of mine: the Charity Auction. This year, there was a ton of items up for auction that were tied to GAINAX including my donated 2008 program guide.

I was happy to hear that the item I donated sold for $200.
The battle between these two was intense and were often the ones throwing out the dollars for the majority of the items.
From what I heard, the live portion of the Charity Auction raised $7,500 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Thanks to everyone who participated that day for continuing to make dreams come true.

More shots of the crowd gathered in the lobby.
From that point until the Karaoke Gong Show, at least I didn't have much on the schedule. The majority consensus was to skip Masquerade, partly because of the continuing transistion that started last year and partly because we were so dang tired.

Instead, me and Nate went up to the Fairmont to chill poolside and get our legs under us for once.

A side shot of the commute between the convention center and the Fairmont.
Around 7, we met up with Lucas and Ray over at Whispers Cafe & Creper, a newer place to the San Jose eating scene. It reminded me of Creape Escape back in Sacramento, even down to the chalkboard menus. Much like Anime Expo, I paid for the three that were in my staff as a way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the convention. And it was worth it for everyone to get some good in a casual setting, away from the busy hotspots.

After that we went to another "hidden hotspot," Amor Cafe and Tea. There, I had some of the best milk tea in both San Jose and Sacramento.

We headed back to the convention for the final event of the night and the one event to signal the end of the convention: the Karaoke Gong Show.

Two participants getting down to Iggy Azalea's Fancy.
The winner of the Karaoke Gong Show, who spoiled everything from Attack on Titan to the tune of Let It Go.
With that done, we looked around a little bit Monday early morning before retiring and preparing to pack it up in the morning.

It's not as crowded as the clock turns to the final day.
-Day Three End-

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