Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ryan's Pre-Review of Taiyou Con 2015 (A Heartful Cry)

Hey guys its the start of the new year and you know what that means am I right?!

It's the start of con season again and man what alot of opportunity we got coming out the gates.
Sac-Winter, ALA, Otakon Vegas, and  AOD. But then again I'm not forgetting a big contender in the running's this year, Thats right I'm talking about Taiyou Con!

Yeah the very same is coming out with a BANG! this year with recent anouncements Lotus Juice, Yumi Kawamura, and Shihoko Hirata, even Erin Fitzgerald too? The obvious choice for any diehard Persona fan such as Matt and I to attend!! In days past Matt and I would would always say "Gee wonder when there ever will be a Persona Live concert here in the States like they throw back in Japan?"

The minute we heard in November  this was legit we thought we died and went to musical nirvana.

On top of such delights as Eric Stuart (voice of Brock and Seto Kaiba), Comedic Abridged Superstar Chris Guerrero, and Cosplay wonder IchigoKitty this con has a lineup to rival or expect from anything going on in January.

Given the Excitement from seeing this all go down behind the eye of a camera lens and my own I look forward to events such as the themed Velvet Room Bar Ultra Super Late Night Lounge to Taiyou Con's very own Pokemon League! The SunSpot will be a must hit for myself because of the possible treasures and deals I may find!?

In any case I leave you to this Preview in Anticipation for our journey (and my Persona puns) to Arizona next week.

Until then...
We Will See You There!!!

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