Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ryan Reviews Day 3 Of Taiyou Con 2015 (Kimi no Kioku/Memories Of You)

It was those final day blues that every con-goer would know of...

Day Three

Yes, this is true, but this was no normal end by any means of the expression.

Everyone woke up around 10 am and before long we began to line up early again for the *ahem* Lotus Juice Solo Concert. To our surprise, there were no delays we were let in very early and we were in a great spot for the concert. Before that though, I got a text message from Matthew staying that Eric Stewart was available for autographs. Despite not being ready, I rushed to Dealer's Hall to finally get a chance for something signed for me and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon to be signed as a gift for a friend.

He would bang up the concert hall with songs from other games as well as anime. Now the reason the *ahem* above was mentioned was because to our surprise Hirata-san and Kawamura-san would make one last imprint and surprise at the con by singing tracks not sung the previous day. They also reprised "MAZE OF LIFE," which as much as I loved that song none of us in the room would want to hear that song again for awhile.

Lotus Juice with Kawamura-san at his solo concert.
Back in the room, I had lunch and relaxed in the room while Matthew went downstairs to get Erin Fitzgerald's autograph that he'd heard about via Twitter. I had her sign my Persona Q LE Box while signed Matthew's gathering poster.

The day would wind down with the VIP Meet-and-Greet with the musical guests of honor one last time, only available to VIP ticket/band holders. Matthew and I would ask some much needed answered questions that we missed to ask during the duration of the convention. I'd get Kawamura-san and Lotus Juice to sign my Persona 3 CD and badge as well as Hirata-san to sign my badge and copy of Persona 4. Due to a mysterious error on my phone, Matthew and I would get a selfie with the trio but only his photo would survive. Frantically, I nearly panicked as the one photo that meant the most was gone. One of the translators nicely mentioned that I could meet with the three in the lobby of the hotel after the signing. With some luck, I caught Kawamura-san and Hirata-san in the lobby leaving for a meal and asked them politely for a quick photo in Japanese.

The save of the century.
Luck would strike again as I saw Erin Fitzgerald again the lobby and she nicely signed the remainder of my Persona-related items while catching the end of Green Bay/Seattle NFC Championship game to see Seattle going for a hopeful repeat of last year.

The Seahawks winning in dramatic fashion.
Sadly, we would see one of the Portlanders leave and see him off to his car. Danny would be the last remaining roommates to come with us to Alice Cooper'stown but due to it closing early on Sundays we would make a plan B to Five Guys Burger and Fries, mind you my first time here. Word to the wise: go with a medium fry unless your dying of hunger from convention then go large! We would find ourselves in awe during the drive back listening to the soothing tracks of Lotus Juice from a perspective we would never see normally again.

To a shocking surprise going back up to the room we found Lotus Juice and Kawamura-san one last time having some drinks with mixed staff and attendees. I would come back down with what little we had left and had and made a few drinks for those around including Lotus Juice himself!

As the crowd died and the guests were going back up to their respective rooms, I asked Lotus for a photo.

The save of the century, Part 2.
The night would end with us hitting the hot tub with some of the higher ups of Taiyou Con for a good few hours and doing some minor streaming with Danny before we would agree to semi-see Danny off and sleep. Ironicly we would hear the next morning he was semi-stalking the guests from the lobby of the hotel to the airport and from the airport to Seattle where he got off.

This would end my coverage section for Taiyou Con 2015.

End Of Con

(FYI: I still like In-N-Out better.)

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