Friday, April 24, 2015

Nate's Report: Krakencon Spring 2015 Preview

It is nearly the beginning of May, which means the beginning of summer, which also means another summer of awesome anime conventions that fans will be attending to. But before the con season begins, there are the cons that are there to prep you up for the season and one of them is what I’ll be attending to this weekend and that’s Krakencon!
Back when the first Krakencon in 2013 where the gaming section was just 4 TVs

I remember Krakencon back when it started in the South San Francisco Conference Center in 2013 where it was just a small convention with panels and a big room with a dealer’s hall and artist alley. I also remember participating in the con’s first costume contest and I was just amazed at how well everyone’s cosplay was compared to mine. I would lose the contest but am still proud about particiating in it. Now years later, the convention has grown big. It has moved to a bigger location in the Oakland Convention Center and the attendance for the con grew as well.
Me cosplaying Kuroko Tetsuya from  Kuroko no Basket (Taken at Krakencon Spring 2014)
Photo Credit to Toshi Studios
Krakencon used to have its con once a year, now it’s having two conventions per year with this one in Spring (still haven’t heard details about their convention in Fall at the moment). The con also has surprised me with the amount of guests they were able to have attended their conventions. Just from this Spring convention, I’m just excited to see guests of honor like Stephanie Sheh who has contributed so much in the anime industry providing voices for notable animes like K-ON!, Kill La Kill, Sword Art Online, and many more! And the creator of Over the Garden Wall, Mr. Patrick McHale, just how was Krakencon able to get him! I have to say they have been really doing well with getting awesome guests to come to this convention!

It was just in 2013 that this con started and it’s just amazing to see how much it has improved over it’s current run. I’m for sure excited for this convention and am glad to provide you guys coverage for this convention. If you will be attending Krakencon, maybe you might see me. I’ll be cosplaying from the show, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki Kun, as Hori Masayuki. The convention begins today, hope to see you guys there!

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  1. I've really enjoyed looking through your blog here. I love your reviews, previews and tips. I know it's a long shot since your a blog about California conventions, but I'm working on a site about Ohio conventions ( and if you happen to know any convention experts from out East I'd love to talk to them.


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