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Convention Eats: Squeeze Inn, Sacramento, CA

Convention Eats: Squeeze Inn
Location: 1630 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Cuisine: American

From Squeeze Inn's website
Back at SacAnime Summer 2014, the majority of the people that I was with were from the Bay Area and had vaguely heard of Squeeze Inn for its legendary cheeseburger that consisted of a "cheese skirt."

By the time their order had come out, they were in for a treat - and a shock.

I actually went to the original Squeeze Inn off of Stockton Blvd. when they were starting to become famous. Back then, it was in a little red shack that could barely fit twelve people sitting down inside (there was ample space outside) and maybe another ten ordering to-go.

Then Guy Fieri came into the picture.

Unfortunately, that original location closed down because someone threatened to sue for the lack of ADA compliance. One of their locations is not that far off from the original, located on the corner of Stockton and Power Inn with other locations in Vacaville, Roseville, and Downtown Sacramento just to name a few.

Where am I going with this again? Oh right, the burger.

Nate's photo of his cheese skirt. (Source: Nate Natividad/Facebook)
If you take out the cheese skirt, you're given an ordinary but juicy burger with your standard toppings and dressings. The burger will hold up to the competition except for Dad's Kitchen (which will be in a different review). But include the cheese skirt and it becomes a beast. You'll have more time trying to figure out how to attack the cheese skirt. Some people bite into it while some people tear it off then either eat it stand alone or with their fries (assuming that you didn't get cheese on your fries because the method will end up being the same). I haven't had the rest of their menu, but they do have other offerings if you want to change things up; their Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich sounds good for a next visit.

Prices are average compared with the other burger joints in the area, i.e. Suzie Burger and Willie's Burgers, with a full meal (cheeseburger, fries, and a drink) right around $10.

Surprisingly, the downtown location is low key enough to where it's right on the very busy 16th Street but away from the cluster of restaurants. Service has been fast across various locations including this location. My only issue with the location is parking, but then again that's an issue with any downtown area and if you're eating out while visiting for SacAnime, odds are you're already parked.

Verdict: This Sacramento staple is something that should be eaten at least once. Also, please eat your cheese skirt. Don't be like Nate.

Price: $$
Food Quality: 5/5
Wait For Food: 5/5
Distance from Con: 2/5

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