Friday, June 5, 2015

Tally's Fanime 2015 Review

It's been a while, readers. I apologize for absence.
So, to make up for my absence, I will give you my review on FanimeCon 2015.

Since the last time I ventured to Fanime in San Jose, California, the convention area had changed. By convention area, I mean the layout. It's bigger than before, which is a plus in my book. Cleaner. No fountain in the way, despite how beautiful it looked. The added space was clean, in tact and perfect for gatherings. That is a plus one in my book.

One of the special guests at the convention was Ai Nonaka. She is known for her role as Kyoko Sakura from the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This woman was one of the sole reasons I wanted to attend the convention, to tell the truth. So much so, I had my Kyoko cosplay rush ordered so I could cosplay her and meet her voice actor.

Pathetic, right?

The PMMM gathering was day one at 4 PM. The gathering was kinda small, but well worth it. The cosplayers were polite, kind and not like the usual crowd asking for shipping pictures. It was a change for me, considering I'm used to the crazy fan girls wanting their partially inappropriate shipping pictures. Most of which, the cosplayers themselves are underage.

On the way back to my hotel, I was stopped by this Japanese woman. She asked me if her friend, whom I didn't know was Ai Nonaka, could take a photo with me. I responded with a yes, then after the photo, the same woman told me that she was the voice actress of the character I was cosplaying.

Day three of con was the last day for autographs. With my prop spear in hand (it was finally dry), I barely made the cut for the autograph line. Just barely. I had the spear head signed, too. It was a dream come true, so to speak. Unfortunately, I could not get a photo with her, but hopefully a picture of the signed spear head is enough. The photo was taken by me, inside my hotel room.

Back-On returned to the US to attend as the musical guests. They've done songs for openings/closing themes to anime, such as Air Gear, Fairy Tail, Eye Shield 21, and some of the newer Gundam series. The band also played some songs off of their albums. All in all, the concert was very good. The staff in the concert hall were professional and very helpful.

The Black and White Ball went well this year. The staff were helpful. One of my roommates was escorted back by one of the staff. Said staff member asked another staff member to cover for them while they escort my friend back to the hotel. So kind. According to my friend, she said that one male was kicked out of the dance. The reason, he smelled really bad, like he hadn't showered in days.

There was one mishap the first day. One male was kicked out of the con. The reason, he was masturbating with the window open. Said male was against the open window, watching people. Quite disgusting. However, as I said, he was kicked out of con, after someone said they knew which hotel he was at and possibly which room number he was in.

Registration line went smoothly this year. Attendees were able to quickly get their badges and move on. This is also a plus, considering how many people attended the con this year.

All in all, the convention was successful. It felt good to be in San Jose again. If the NorCal cons were not so far away, I'd attend them more often. But, alas, I do not live in NorCal, so I cannot attend the NorCal cons. However, when I do, they are worth it.

I'll be at Anime Expo next. Look forward to my next review, readers.

Until next time.~

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