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Conventions Eats: Tako Korean BBQ

Conventions Eats: Tako Korean BBQ
Location: 3030 T St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Cuisine: Korean/Mexican Fusion

(Photo Credit: Rick Keller Photography & PoVimaging)

In the wake of Ryan and myself enjoying the wonders of Korean BBQ via Oz Korean BBQ, there's a spot that I kept hearing about in Sacramento that was a Korean/Mexican fusion restaurant. Justin Wong, a prominant fighting game personality, went here during his time in Sacramento during NorCal Regionals is highly talked about in the local scene with its high ratings on Facebook, Yelp, and Foresquare.

When I say that Tako Korean BBQ is a fusion of Chipotle and Oz Korean BBQ, it's actually that accurate.

My only gripe about this restaurant that it's pretty far from SacAnime, or any of the other conventions that run in the city for that manner. Parking is also an issue since there are a few spots on the restaurant property to park, making street parking a must if you want to hit this spot up. But that's where the gripes stop.

On my visit that I'm basing my review on, I tried the Galbi Burrito with a side of chips, salsa, and a drink. The first thing I would recommend is take the upgrade on the Galbi meat because it's totally worth it, especially if you're into Korean BBQ. There are many ways you can style your meal, like nachos, tacos, "tako fries," and bowls, but first-timers should get the burrito.

Galbi Burrito with chips and salsa.
The first thing I notice is that the salsa is orange and doesn't look like traditional salsa. I've finally gotten out of my comfort zone when it comes to mild food (I still don't like spicy food) and gave the salsa a chance. Immediately, I didn't want to open up my burrito because I was highly addicted to the salsa; it was like La Victoria Taqueria's Orange Sauce all over again.

The burrito was top-notch and reminded me of a typical Chipotle burrito but with a Korean BBQ sweetness with the meat marinade and the house sauce as well as extra crunchy with the slaw. And just like Chipotle, one burrito will satisfy your cravings.

The other parts of the menu look interesting especially if you're looking for a good night out. You can get a bottle of Soju and drink like the Koreans would, or you can get Soju-flavored shaved ice for a "drunken dessert." The sliders look inetesting to try out, and there are even veggie options that I would give a shot on my next visit.

The burrito with the upgrade was almost $10 and with the chips and salsa it came out to almost $13. Without the upgrade, the meal would of been about $11 which compares to everything else I've reviewed so far in the Sacramento area.

With this review, I've changed to a 10-point rating scale to give our overall scores "more diversity." I've also tweaked the price sale to be one $ for every $5 of a potential overall meal.

Verdict: This restaurant is one of the many great examples of Sacramento's rich diversity and you'll be happy to know that your money was well spent.

Price: $$$
Food Quality: 10/10
Wait For Food: 9/10
Distance from Con: 3/10

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