Sunday, October 25, 2015

Matthew Reports: SacCon October 2015

When SacAnime moved to the Sacramento Convention Center, I was hoping that SacCon - its parent convention - would make the same move too as well. But after January 2013, the convention was still at the Scottish Rite Center until this year when it finally made the move but not to the convention center. Instead, they went north to the McClellan Conference Center.

The difference between the two are staggering, but there is enough so that there is room to spare while not being cramped. The vendor hall and the combined main panels/lounge are much bigger while other rooms, like CCG and the video game room, seem relatively the same if not bigger in terms of overall floorspace. However, the hallways are still cramped especially since there is only one way to the vendor hall (although the floor plans show two ways but the othe way was blocked off), which is at the back of the center where the only loading dock resides which meant for a lengthy walk to the meaty part of any convention.

That long hallway from the front to the back
An overhead photo of the expansive vendor hall
Either than that, it felt like almost the same exact SacCon as I come to know over the past decade or so, from the guests to offerings at the vendors hall to the cosplayers and their seemingly randomness that you'll catch from time to time. Even food trucks (granted, just one this time around) made their presence, but having on-site catering and a cafe that was open was also a welcome addition.

My high score in the Tetris Score Challenge. It held up for most of the con until everyone started to play and the high score went to almost 50,000
I can watch Raiders/Chargers from the cafe!
Best non-comic cosplay that I found all day
Skye repping Back to the Future
Andro dishing out the donuts
In all, I had a chill time. I enjoyed the new venue and the expansiveness while not losing that touch that I know all too well. Unfortuntely, it looks like with the new venue they sized down SacCon to twice a year instead of four times a year which I didn't realize until now. But hey, I'll take the trade off.

A photo of Yu and Yosuke to finish off the report

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