Saturday, October 22, 2016 Post Test #2

It's sad how two of the California Convention Blog's staples are closing this year: twitterfeed, and the used-to-used to be known as the Radisson Hotel.

Both announcements regarding their closing were made within a week of each other. I've been using twitterfeed to share our posts to our Facebook and Twitter accounts ever since we started using the two social media websites. The Radisson Hotel, then changed to the Woodlake Hotel and finally the Red Lion Inn Hotel, was the home of SacAnime from the summer of 2009 to the summer of 2012. The convention grew tremendously during that period to the point where a move to the Sacramento Convention Center was warranted - which we got during the Winter 2012 show.

Then you realize that it was actually Winter 2013.
I'll keep this short as there will probably be more posts about the closing of the Red Lion Inn, so have a Sparkle-chan.

Fun Fact: The Red Lion Inn housed Casino Royale, one of Sacramento's well-known card halls at the time. It had moved from its previous location off of Auburn Boulevard to where part of the restaurant was across the way from the bar shortly after SacAnime offically left the hotel. It was shut down in November of 2014 after failure to pay winning it owed customers. This would pave the way for Stones Gambling Hall to open up the road on Antelope Road as an alternative to the bigger Indian casinos like Red Hawk and Thunder Valley as well as other card halls like Lotus Casino and Capitol Casino.

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