Saturday, June 16, 2018

Matthew's FanimeCon 2018 Report: Part 2 - Day Zero

For a change, I decided to start off FanimeCon from a unique spot: work. I was up in the early morning to work out my shift before heading down to San Jose mid-afternoon to beat the traffic. I was ready for said traffic with my newly-bought FasTrak to navigate the East Bay, but despite willing to spend a large sum of money to take the express lanes a) traffic was light in those areas but still took the express lanes because they were around a dollar, and b) the real traffic was coming onto the Yolo Causeway and into downtown San Jose.

I was trying to time everything from checking in the hotel & settling in and getting my press badge as soon as 5pm hit. I had some time before my "timed" arrival so I made a quick stop over at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Market San Jose
Why you may ask? I needed some last-minute accessories for my trusty DLSR but ordered it too late to where I could pick up back in Sacramento. So instead I used an Amazon Locker at Whole Foods to have it delivered to San Jose and I would pick it up when I arrived for FanimeCon.

I was stoked to find out there was a Earl of Sandwich open, and I would visit twice during the weekend
I remembered why I don't like checking in at 4pm
The room was updated and refreshed with new amenities, including a smart TV connected to the internet.

The new-look rooms with Darling in the FranXX playing in the background
I somehow caught up with Ray who decided to stop in on Day Zero to pick up his badge despite not coming into my room until tomorrow. I got mine but system issues delayed one of my other associates, so while we waited we went to Earl of Sandwich next to San Pedro Square. I was able to take a quick glance but despite everyone talking about the square I was not up for what they were offering.

Clam Chowder and The Original 1762
The rest of the evening consisted of Warriors-Rockets Game 5, Swap Meet and scoring on some box sets, trying out Bird Scooters and realizing their importance of city travel, trying out online streaming at the San Jose Convention Center, buying Orange Sauce in a bottle of La Vic's because that stuff is addicting, & voting on the most important issues of our time.

We started with pineapple on pizza, ended with dubs or dubs
Guest of Honor Matthew Lewis aka Maguma playing Skullgirls
Crowds already forming in the Gaming Hall
Groups practicing on Stage Zero
Signage near registration
I mailed it in shortly after 1:30am, knowing that I was dead tired from work and that the convention was about to begin...

Electronic signage near the lobby
-Day Zero End-

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