Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2020 - Q&A with Vampy Bit Me


The following is an email Q&A between Crunchyroll Cosplay Cup judge Vampy Bit Me and Matthew, Ryan, and Nate of the California Conventions Blog.


Outside of yourself, are there any pro or amateur cosplayers that either idolize or look up to?

I actually don’t see myself as a pro even though people would say that. It’s a nice compliment but I still am very avid on Twitter about cosplayers work that inspire me. Everyone has something to offer, and I see it. I literally find something new to love about cosplayers every day. So it’s hard to list just one. 

Given all the success and fabulous cosplays you have created over the years, did you ever think you would get to this point from your humble beginnings to the professional you are today?

To be quite honest, I am very very thankful everyday for my life. It sounds cheesy but I wake up listing things I’m thankful for and verbally telling people how they made my life better. I think that is the key to any success. We rarely do things alone. As much as I am alone when I’m working, people believe in me and that makes me feel happy. I use that as fuel to keep working hard. So I’m always trying to strive for more. I’m not done yet! 

We’re seeing a huge rise of people wanting to make cosplay a big hobby of theirs. What advice can you give to all cosplayers out there who are looking up to you as a cosplay idol? 

I am an avid believer in being very blunt with my follower base. I usually uncover the reality of my World and tell them how it is daily on my streams. The thing is that I always mention is that they have to realize it has a lot to do with passion. Will your passion wake you up in the morning and drive your body to create? Will your passion keep you motivated to keep learning and also not giving up when you make mistakes? I tend to ask people when they say they want to cosplay. You gotta really love it or else they will learn it’s quite an expensive hobby with sometimes the only payoff is learning new skills and being whoever you wanna be. To me that is enough!

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