Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day Two Recap

I apologize for the lack of a video recap for Day Two. My video camcorder died on me before I had any chance of doing any sort of video recap.

I will say that it was much BIGGER than yesterday. The Masquerade, despite the tech difficulties (which are bound to happen at any convention, small and large) was fantastic and everyone who deserved an award got an award.

This is still a learning process, especially since this is my first time as a press member. There is a portion of the Masq in which I was recording from the back where ACP was, and then once room opened up in the front next to an outlet I recorded a portion of the Masq from the front row. What I plan to do with ALL of these videos is put small sniplets - enough to take in what happened without watching the whole damn thing.

Panels were great as always. No really, the VA Q&A panel was off the charts. I took some pictures from various panels and events, as I tried to cover at least most of the happenings through pictures.

Keep in mind we still have Sunday, and I have some events to tape. I would sleep, but I need watch Ep. 21 of Code Geass R2...

Tapes full of footage: 4 (I think)
Picture Count through Day 2: 682

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